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The Shilling Brewing Co (formerly Horton's) opened June 2016 is a large open plan bar and pizza place. The serevery is along the wall to the left of the entrance. This is a brewpup with the brewey to the left of,and behind and above the marble bar counter. The corner building has an impressive interior in height and volume.A variety of styles of seating and tables are available. the right hand side of the room is slightly raised. The fonts have numbers rather than names, which refer you to beer menu on the wall giving taste descriptions and logos (actual names not always readable). The fonts also have a glass front so that colours of beers can be seen as they flow through. Their own brews are served via fonts on the back wall.

have a pint here.

Real:  Full Nettle Racket (Shilling Brewery)

Craft:  Unicorn; The Steamie; Glasgow red (Shilling brewery);  Joker; Ceasar Augustus (both Williams) Drygate IPA

Lager:  Heverlee;  Tennent's;  Drygate lager,  Drygate Pilsner


Vroni's Wine Bar is dark and quiet; low lighting, low ceilling, low music. Small round tables, two to a booth line both walls until the bar counter on right hand side. More seating beyond bar and upstairs in mezzanine level. Some outside tables either isde of door.

Not a beer drinker's paradise yet intimate and relaxing so worth visiting

Have a half pint

heavy     :Caledonia Best

lager      : Stella; Bud; Esttrella;      



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WEST NILE St trail - 14

From Glasgow Central walk out the main entrance and turn right, cross over Renfield St (Renfield St Trail) and walk up (to the left) to the next corner which is the small, lane like Dury St. Walk along here to West Nile St visiting the famous Horseshoe Bar, Dury St Bar & Kitchen and Yes Bar. At the end of Dury St turn left to go up West Nile St. First stop next block up is Vroni's Wine Bar. At the next corner, across the road is The Shilling Brewery Co. Continue up West Nile St a few blocks to find The Iron Horse.

There is now a short walk up to the top of West Nile St and following the curve round cross over the main road and onto Port Dundas Road. At the next corner is The Station Bar return back to West Nile St and begin the journey down hill. Stay on the right hand pavement and turn right onto Renfrew St and in the middle of this block, on the right, is The Intermezzo. Return to West Nile St and cross over to go down the far side. Almost opposite The Iron Horse is Alfredo's. On the next long block down is The Courtyard. Two Corners down is All Bar One. Continue straight down to the end of West Nile St and cross over to Mitchell St and on the left, midway down, is Revolution. Then at the next lane corner there is Ross's Original Bar. Turn left along the lane to Tabac.

West Nile St trail continues

I saw a notice that said "Drink Canada Dry" and I have just started.


Brendan Behan

George Square trail






What type of creature is a flying fox?



Renfield St trail

The Iron Horse has an entrance at either side. Both take you to seating by the windows on a platform. The counter starts a little way in with a rounded end. There are stools along the bar. Further down the bar r=the room opens out for traditional tables and chairs. There is a small basement lounge for hire and upstirs there is a large conference / event suite.

Have a pint here.

Craft Dublin Porter

Heavy Joker; Caledonia Best

Lager Tennent’s; Haverlee; Innes & Gunn; Stella

Cider Magners Caledonia Stout Guinness

The Horse Shoe is a regular in pub books looking for iconic pubs. Set down Drury Street (actually a lane) in Glasgow city centre. A building of historic importance according to Historic Scotland. Downstairs is a centre bar in a horsehoe shape to the front with the rear of each leg curving out to give two lobes.

Upstairs lounge

Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA)

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real ale:     Bitter & Twisted (Harviestoun), Caledonian 80/-, Summer,

                   Deuchars (Caledonian)

heavy          Bellhaven Best,;Tennent's Special, Caffrey's

lager         : Tennent's

Drury St bar and kitchen is a large downstairs bar. More of an evening venue than lunch time.

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heavy:        nil

lager:        Steampunk; Brooklyn Brewery; Grimbergen Blonde; Carlsberg; Staropramen  ; Tuborg;San Miguel

Cider:         Somersby                                          

The Yes bar  (nee Vespars) styles itself as a retro Italian cafe-bar. Street level small bar with formica and plastic retro style furnishing. Upstairs is balcony seating looking over the centre of the small bar. Where is the Scottish beer? Brewdog and Innis & Gunn

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real ale:     45 IPA

heavy          John Smith

lager          :Heineken; Fosters; Amstel; Birra moretta; Sagres;  Three Hop Lager

Strongbow                                    Guinness

Alligator Wine 

Screaming Jay Hawkins

Hope St trail Merchant Square trail Waterloo St trail Glassford St/ Queen St

The Station Bar is a small cosy bar on a corner in a tenement building. there is a small traditional bar with a lounge area beyond it. It is the bar area  that is busy with both sexes, young and old.

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real ale :    Fireside (Greene King), Abbot; Winter Warmer, Deuchars

heavy:        Bellhaven Best

lager:         Tennent's (+ice cold), Carling

Cider:         Strongbow    

         Bellhaven Black Stout             Guinness (+ice cold)