Glasgow - West Nile St 2/2

I saw a notice that said "Drink Canada Dry" and I have just started.

Brendan Behan

WEST NILE st trail -

After The Iron Horse there is now a short walk up to the top of West Nile St and following the curve round cross over the main road and onto Port Dundas Road. At the next corner is The Station Bar return back to West Nile St and begin the journey down hill. Stay on the right hand pavement and turn right onto Renfrew St and in the middle of this block, on the right, is The Intermezzo. Return to West Nile St and cross over to go down the far side. Almost opposite The Iron Horse is Alfredo's. On the next long block down is The Courtyard. Two Corners down is All Bar One. Continue straight down to the end of West Nile St and cross over to Mitchell St and at the next lane corner there is Ross's Original Bar

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The Station Bar is a small cosy bar on a corner in a tenement building. there is a small traditional bar with a lounge area beyond it. It is the bar area that is busy with both sexes, young and old.
Have one here
real ale : Fireside (Greene King), Abbot; Winter Warmer, Deuchars
heavy: Bellhaven Best
lager: Tennent's (+ice cold), Carling
Cider: Strongbow
Bellhaven Black Stout Guiness (+ice cold)

Intermezzo does not live up to its name as a night club it sounds like but is actuallya traditional small bar. It has a square room with the servery to the left hand wall. There is also an upstairs mezzanine lounge overlooking the bar area.
Heavy Special 70/-; Caledonia Best
Lager Stella; Tennent’s
Cider Olde English Guinness+cold



What was the name of the first home computer to be manufactured?


Alfredo’s has a small outside presence that is almost cafe looking. Inside there is a long seating area connected to a back spot which widens out and has a horseshoe shaped serving counter. The counter is taller than usual with stools around it. There is seating around sides and in middle of room. The walls are decorated with framed European football shirts.
Have a pint here.
Heavy Gladeye IPA (Drygate); Caledonia Best
Lager Bud; Haverlee; Menabrea
Cider Strongbow Guinness

The Courtyard has a wide open front but no outside seating by it. Inside it has a severy to the left. the room has lots of tables and pillars. Through back there is a metal terrace overlooking a small courtyard surrounded by high buildings. The courtyard is used for DJs and dancing.
Have a half pint here.
Heavy Bellhaven Best
Lager Stella; Tennent’s
Cider Magners; Somersby Guinness

All Bar One is large bar on a corner site with outside seating along one side. The outside walls are all glass which combines with the lighting and the white ceiling to give a a very light and spacious feeling to the seating area. The bar is in the opposite corner to the entrance and serves both sides of the room.
Seating and tables are a variety of styles and layout has tables for two and for bigger groups. More seating, of the more traditional square tables with four seats, is upstairs
Have a pint here.
Heavy??? Sierra navada
Lager Estrella; Schiehallion; Peroni; Tennent's; Amstel; Pilsner Urquell
Cider Aspall Guinness

Ross’s Original Bar has a small frontage from the road but stretches down the lane to the right. It has a long thin bar area which widens out at the far end. There is seating around front and right hand side by the windows. A very traditional looking bar. Does food
Have a half pint here
Heavy Caledonia Best
Lager Tennent’s; Stella
Cider Magners Guinness+cold

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