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Glasgow - Waterloo St


Kitty O’Shea’s is an Irish pub situated in a basement with the bar around to the right. It has a low ceiling, is dimly lit and furniture and walls are dark wood. As such it is quite dark and there is a feeling of intimacy enhanced with a lot of boxed in seating, booths and small rooms around the bar area. It opens up further back to a larger area for performance or big screen TV watching. Some booths have their own TV. food is available.

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Craft    :  Franciscan Well beers -;  IPA;   Rebel

Heavy:   Caffrey;s

Lager:    Carling;  Coors; Hop House 13 Lager;  Urguell,

            Heineken;  Kursovice;  Blue Moon; Innes & Gunn lager

cider:    Strongbow Dark Fruits      Chieftain  Shandon Stout

The Drop opens to a bright servery to the left wall with lots of standing room. This area has booths by the windows and seating around the right-hand wall. Straight ahead are 9 steps up to dining area and some very large tables. Servery is dominated by TV screens

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Heavy:      Guinness Golden Ale; Bellhaven Best

Lager:       Haverlee; Stella;;  Tennent’s;Heiniken;  

                  Hoegarden;  Staroperamen

Cider:    Blackthorn Guinness

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Thin Lizzy - Whiskey in the Jar

The Smokin' Fox  (formerly The Hope) is an old two roomed bar which has been renovated to a high standard. The bottom half has an old counter and nice back bar. The room is light an airy due to high ceiling and large windows. This room has a large plinth table between columns for standing at in the middle of the room. There are tables at the windows, either side of entrance, and down the right-hand side. The second room is up a few wide steps from the back of the lower room and has a interesting ceiling. This has more tables and chairs and is used for dining.  This pub used to be connected to The Toby Jug around the corner via both pubs back rooms. Some seating outside.

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Real ale:    no longer on sale

Bitter:        Caledonia Best;  Joker; Samual Adams

Lager:       Estrella; Haverlee, Manabrea; Tennent’s ; Innis & Gunn; Franziskaner –Weisssbier; Octoberfest (West)

Cider:        Magners;                   Guinness

Rhoderic Dhu has a horseshoe shaped bar lying at a slight angel to the room. Plenty of bar stools. There are normal tables and chairs around the walls. The frontage can open up onto pavement area for al fresco drinking during the summer. There is always seating outside by the pavement. Food available and lots of TVs

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Craft       : Punk IPA;  Goose Island

Heavy:      Bellhave Best,

Lager:       Stella;  Peroni;  Tennent’s


The Woods , as in "If You go Down To The Woods Today"; Not a corner pub but stretches around the corner with entrances on both streets. The Waterloo St side is the shorter frontage and has booths and tables leading up to one side of a horseshoe shaped bar. Behind the bar there is an entrance to a smaller back room which is separated from the bar area by a glass wall.

The other entrance has a larger frontage and contains much more of a dining area feel and with tall tables closer to the bar and dining tables along the window side..Their is a performance area flanked by booths along the rignt hand wall. Has a lovely contemporary light brown wood retro style to it. Photos not allowed.

Food served all day

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Heavy:    Peculiar IPA Caledonian Coast to Coast Pale Ale

Lager:    Heineken;  Foster; Birra Moretti; Three Hop lager;



Now called Kelly's , (was The Quarter Gill) is a small L-shaped corner bar. The counter is to the left  with some seating to the right. Further on after the servery the room opens out with more seating. Has an older local customer base

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Heavy:   Bellhaven Best

Lager:    Carling;  Amstel;  Tennent’s

Cider:     Strongbow

The Waterloo is a corner bar with stained glass in upper half of windows around outside. Entrance doors in middle of short side and far end of the longer side. The one room has the servery against the middle of the long wall. Seating all around sides under the windows with small performance area in window corner.  Stools around the bar but with reasonable standing room between bar and tables. Noted as one of the first gay pubs in Glasgow.

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Lager:    Amstel;  Tennent’s;  1664;  San Miguel

Cider:    Strongbow Dark Fruits       Guinness





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this trail continued

The Sir John Muir is a large Wetherspoon's pub. The bar is straight ahead and there is the usual variety of table styles. Some outside seating on large pavement.

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Real ale:   SOS (Banks & Taylor); Abbot;  Doombar;  Cotswalds;  Jurassic Dark (Dorset)

Heavy Joker;  John Smith

Lager Tuborg; Carlsberg; 1664; Coors;  Carling;  

                          Innes & Gunn;   Fosters

Cider Strongbow and dark Fruit;  Aspall      Guinness

The TEN Glasgow trails in the centre of the city and THREE in the West End consist of:

Three trails exploring three of the main streets in the city centre HOPE St;  RENFIELD St and WEST NILE St


Two trails are around Squares GEORGE SQUARE and  the OLD FRUIT MARKET in Merchant City.


The final four trails take in : QUEEN St & GLASSFORD St,  BATH St, Around THE TRONGATE JAMAICA St/ST ENOCH and WATERLOO St & BOTTOM of HOPE St


All of the trails are near both Glasgow Central station and Queen St station so are easily accessed by public transport.


West End:  St George's Cross subway to Kelvin Bridge and  Hillhead Subway to Kelvinhall subway (ie Byres Rd) and KELVINGROVE



A quick 'circular' tour of the bottom of Hope St and its side streets.

This starts straight across the road from the left-hand exit from the Glasgow Central Station. This exits onto Hope St, however, the trail starts by going along Waterloo St directly opposite. The first bar was called The Hope but has now been renamed The Smokin' Fox. Cross over and continue along to Kitty O' Shea's, then The Drop, followed by Rhoderic Dhu and then on the corner The Woods. Going out of the other door of The Woods turn down Wellington St which has The Waterloo at the end of it. Walk back to the station to The Sir John Moore. Detour by crossing over diagonally at the lights and walk down to Kelly's. Return up to the lights and Hope St and round from The Sir John Muir is Denholms - continued on next page