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pubs in George Square

This is the Glasgow subway crawl. This consists of having a drink at the nearest or in some cases the best nearest, although in still other cases there is no choice.

The 15 stop crawl is often accompanied by fancy dress and the need to consume a different drink at each stop. These kind of refinements are up to the individual or group decision.

If approaching Glasgow from Queen St station then the first subway is Buchanan St (3 min); if approaching from Glasgow Central then the first subway is St Enoch's (5 mins) but as Buchanan St is also about 6 minutes away it makes Buchanan St Subway the most convenient starting point.

start of sub crawl

The THIRTEEN Glasgow trails in the centre of the city and two in the West Endconsist of:

Three trails exploring 3 of the main streets in the city centre HOPE St;  RENFIELD St and WEST NILE St


Two trails are around Squares GEORGE SQUARE and  the OLD FRUIT MARKET in Merchant City.


The final four trails take in : QUEEN St & GLASSFORD St,  Around THE TRONGATE JAMAICA St/ST ENOCH and WATERLOO St & BOTTOM of HOPE St


The pubs on the trails are shown on the map below.

All of the trails are near both Glasgow Central station and Queen St station so are easily accessed by public transport.


West End:  St George's Cross subway to Kelvin Bridge and  Hillhead Subway to Kelvinhall subway (ie Byres Rd)

The Lord Nelson is a one roomed bar in looking recently done up.. the servery is to the right with some stools at it.The pool table is opposite the servery. Beyond the pool table the pub narrows and has a seating area with three long tables along the far wall with comfortable seating.

have a pint here

Heavy:     Caledonia Best

Lager:      Tennent's;  Carling;  Heverlee

Cider:      Magners;  Strongbow Dark Fruit                            Guinness

West St

Walk up West St towards the river, under the motorway, and three blocks in turn right onto Morrison St and find The Lord Nelson along on the right

Bridge St

Exit the subway and look right towards the opposite corner and spy the Laursiston

St Enoch

Leaving the entrance turn around to your left and Times square is across the street and down a litle. Also close by, nearly next door, is Crafty Joe's

Shields Rd

Come out of the subway and turn right along Scotland St and right again to walk under the motorway. Do not go down the path but follow the road under the motorway and come onto Seaward St. First street on the left is Stanley St with The Stanley bar a minute along, on the second corner. This is the closest pub, however, turn right at Admiral St (the first corner) and 2 minutes further just around the corner on Paisley Rd West is, a wee gem, The Old Toll Bar, not to be missed unless you must visit each closest pub.

The Lauriston has a central oval island bar of which a small portion serves the lounge while the rest serves the  bar 1960s bar. The pub is situated on a corner. The entrance of the short side is directly to the bar, while the entrance on the long side has the lounge to the right and bar to the left. the main area of the bar has banguette seating and small red shelve width tables. Decoration is a pictorial history of bars the family have owned and their customers.the far end of bar is narrower and this leg of the oval is for stools or standing.

Featured in Scotland's True Heritage Pubs; Regular in Good Beer Guide (CAMRA)

a historic pub interior of some regional importance

Have a few here

Real Ale: Vital Spark;  Jarl

Heavy: John Smith;  Tartan; McEwan’s Export ;  McEwan’s 80/-

Lager: Fosters;  Amstel;  1664;

Cider: Strongbow Guinness

Times Square is a warm welcoming pub on a cold day.  The long bar starts half way up the right hand wall. There is a variety of tables and seating.

Have a half pint here.

Heavy:      Bellhaven Best

Lager:       Heiniken;  Tennent’s;  Amstel

Cider:       Strongbow Guinness

Other pub crawls in the centre of Glasgow

Stanley Bar is a small corner pub with an  entrance both sides.The L shaped room has a servery along the left hand wall serving a bar area with wooden floor and along the right hand side is a carpeted bit with seating and tables.celtic memorabilia decorate the wall.

Have a half pint

Heavy:     Caledonia Best

Lager:      Tennent's;  Carling


The Old Toll Bar is a gem on this trail.  Unchanged for a long time there are is a giant black wood listed gantry and four large 100 year old mirrors. There is a long curved marble counter running along most of the back wall with some seating either side. The right hand wall is dominated by three large moirrors. The left and front wall have banquette seating and small tables .

Must have a pint

a nationally important historic interior,

Real ale:    Dragonfly (Fallen Brewery)

Heavy;       Dead Pony club;   Sam Smiths;  So LA West Coast ale ( Dark Revolution) 

Lager:         Old Toll Lager (Drygate);  Dunkel

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Going in reverse means the West End is near the end of the journey

'Twas a woman who drove me to drink, and I never had the courtesy to thank her for it


W. C. Fields



Smoked Haddock



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