Glasgow - subway crawl


If you drink don't drive. Don't even putt.
Dean Martin

This is the Glasgow subway crawl. This consists of having a drink at the nearest or in some cases the best nearest, although in still other cases there is no choice.
The 15 stop crawl is often accompanied by fancy dress and the need to consume a different drink at each stop. These kind of refinements are up to the individual or group decision.
If approaching Glasgow from Queen St station then the first subway is Buchanan St (3 min); if approaching from Glasgow Central then the first subway is St Enoch's (5 mins) but as Buchanan St is also about 6 minutes away it makes Buchanan St Subway the most convenient starting point.

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Doing the sub-crawl in the other direction, now go to the bottom of THIS PAGE. and scrolling up.


Straight across the road is The Bag O' Nails

Bag O’ Nails has two large rooms connect on each side of connecting wall. It is stripped back to bricks and stone with exposed rafters and air conditioning. The main servery is the second of the rooms from the corner door. The counter is tiled and has a large modern gantry. This has tall tables in the middle of the room and booths along the window side. The servery is against the right hand side wall.
Half pint here
Heavy: Caledonia Best; Drygate Gladeye
Lager: Haverlee; St Mungo; Tennent’s; Heniken; Pabst Blue Ribbon


“Mere alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all” is a line from what song?



Turn left out of Patrick subway and walk up to Dumbarton rd. Turn left again and walk on a few few steps to Deoch and Doris just before the railway bridge.


Tasman Sea

Deoch and Doris has the design of an older bar been tastefully updated with a group of dedicated staff . There is a central oval island bar serving the room with stools all around. The main road side and top corner have windows letting in lots of light. Some tall tables in corner of room. The side and rear of the room is dominated by large TV screens which hunt in pairs. High backed banquette seating around sides with tables for four. Food served.
Have a pint here
Heavy: Bitter & Twisted; Caledonia Best; Joker; Menabrea
Lager: Tennent’s; Heverlee; Innes & Gunn; Carling; Coors ; Schielhallion; Blue Moon
Cider: Strongbow


Walk out of the subway and walk onto Govan Rd; walk up to the left and past the modern Govan Cross. As you curve round there is an older building in the middle of the road. This building on the Y-junction has entrances to Brechin's on both sides

Brechin’s is built on a Y junction and can be entered on both sides with the room narrow at the top and widening out. There is a large squashed circle island bar bar, which gives the counter considerable length, with a small lounge fenced off at the top left corner by older wood and plastic windows . The walls have seating all around the room with plenty of standing room between the counter and these seats. The main method of drinking is standing by the long bar where small vanity screens break it up. Traditional working man's pub
Have a pint here
Has a nationally important historic interior
Heavy: Tennent’s Special
L ager: Stella; Carling; Tennent’s
Cider: Strongbow Guinness

The Louden Tavern is opposite the subway, however, it is not always open which is not helpful for a pubcrawl


Exit the subway and turn righ, along the curved Walmer Crescent and the Kensington is opposite the next corner.

The Kensington is a corner pub with separate entrances to bar (on right) and lounge (on left) with a door at the back of each connecting them. Both rooms are quite small. The lounge is carpeted with a small servery and stores the outside tables which are positioned in fine weather. The small bar has seating all around the sides
Have a half pint here
Heavy: John Smiths
Lager: Fosters; Tennent’s; 1664
Cider: Guinness


You can actually walk the 1.5 miles between The Kensington (at Cessnock) and The Lauriston (at Bridge St) quicker than going back and forward to the subway station and still call at the sub-crawl pubs follwoing pubs inbetween; The Bellrock (at Kinning Park), The Old Toll Bar (at Shields Rd) and The Lord Nelson (at West St). All of the pubs are on Paisley Rd West and then Morrison St. Though you do find that on Paisley Road West you will walk by other pubs which are not part of the subway crawl. No such problem exists on Morrison St as only The Lord Nelson and The Lauriston are on it.
In fact The Lauriston (Bridge St) and Time's Square (St Enochs) can be walked in 8 minutes.
It depends on whether being on the underfround as much as possible is part of the fun!

Kinning Park

Come out of the subway and walk behind it under the curving footbridge and walk left up Cornwall St towards Paisley Road West and at the corner of these two streets is The Bellrock.

The Bellrock is a small one roomed pub with the entrance on the corner. This leads directly to the pool table area which has some seating and small tables around its sides. Beyond the pool table is the servery along the back right wall and curving round to the right where the room widens out. There is standing room only between the counter and the wall, with seating restarting at the end of the servery and going round to the right
Have a half pint here
Heavy: Tartan; John Smiths
Lager: Fosters; tennent’s
Cider: Strong bow and Dark Fruits Guinness

The NINE Glasgow trails in the centre of the city and two in the West Endconsist of:
Three trails exploring three of the main streets in the city centre HOPE St; RENFIELD St and WEST NILE St
Two trails are around Squares GEORGE SQUARE and the OLD FRUIT MARKET in Merchant City. .
The final four trails take in : QUEEN St & GLASSFORD St, Around THE TRONGATE JAMAICA St/ST ENOCH and WATERLOO St & BOTTOM of HOPE St
The pubs on the trails are shown on the map below.
All of the trails are near both Glasgow Central station and Queen St station so are easily accessed by public transport.
West End: St GEORGE's CROSS SUBWAY TO KELVIN BRIDGE and Hillhead Subway to Kelvinhall subway (ie Byres Rd)

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