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Glasgow - subway crawl : 1 of 3


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Curler’s  Rest has two entrance door with both taking you into a large room with  low ceiling. There is seating either side of the doors and on the side walls for a short distance. Half way in the room changes shape and the servery is along the right hand wall. Half way up the servery there are stairs opposite the counter going upstairs and the main room opens out after this and has a dining room feel to it. The low ceiling, subdued lighting and dark wood furniture combine to give a relaxing atmosphere. Food served

Have a pint here

Real ale:       Deuchers;  Christopher (Great Heck);  Jack Black; Running With Sceptres (lager); No Rest For Dancers (both Lost and Grounded)

Heavy;        Launitas PA;  Joker IPA

Lager:         Veltins;  Schiellhalion;   Peroni;  Estrella


This is the Glasgow subway crawl. This consists of having a drink at the nearest or in some cases the best nearest, although in still other cases there is no choice.

The 15 stop crawl is often accompanied by fancy dress and the need to consume a different drink at each stop. These kind of refinements are up to the individual or group decision.

If approaching Glasgow from Queen St station then the first subway is Buchanan St (3 min); if approaching from Glasgow Central then the first subway is St Enoch's (5 mins) but as Buchanan St is also about 6 minutes away it makes Buchanan St Subway the most convenient starting point.

rest of this pub crawl

You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline — it helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer

                             Frank Zappa

Waxy O’Connors is an interesting bit of a warren. The design is to give the impression you are sitting in rooms found in the roots of a tree (with  organ pipes) From the front door you can go straight ahead or upstairs or round and downstairs. There are three levels plus a large landing space between ground and first floor. Once upstairs you can look down on the downstairs space. There are three serving areas and lots of small drinking areas some on raised floors giving it an intimacy.

Have one here and look around

Heavy     : Caledonian 80/; Caffreys

Lager      : Tennent's ; Stella; Carling

Cider      : Blackthorn                                                                             Murphys, Guinness

Castle Vaults

A small one roomed pub with curved servery to the right. Banquette seating to the left with small tables. Stools around the bar


Lager:           Tennent’s;   Carling

Cider             Strongbow Guinness

Hug and Pint has an entrance up a few steps to a wood dominated bar and diner. The windows looking down on to the road have small shelve s and stools A curving servery is to the left, whereas to the right of the steps is seating around tables. There is a second room through from here with more seating and tables. A Scottish outlet for the very cheap Sam Smith’s beers but at West End prices. Music and meals.

Have a half pint

Heavy;          Old Brewery Bitter (Sam Smiths; £4.50); Sam India Ale;


                   Caesar Augustus

Lager            Sam Smiths Organic lager;  Williams Lager;  Blue Moon

                                             Sam Smiths Stout

The Doublet has small frontage for such a long room , with Servery on right, and then through to lounge up some steps. Decor is mock tudor and very traditional brown rectangular tables with banquette seating around sides.  There is a lounge door around to the side

Have a pint here

Real ale:        Old Hen; Greene King IPA;  Kilburn Misty Law;  Grapevine (Fallen) 

Heavy:           Bellhaven  80/-;   Joker

Lager:            The Don Lager.  Samuel Adams;  Black Isle Lager,  

Cider:            Thistley Cross      Guinness

St George's Cross

Castle Vaults or The Hug and Pint (both 3 mins) - basically, what is termed in Glasgow as an old mans' pub (cheap and limited choice) v the upmarket West End food/music joint (expensive and choice)

Turn right out of the entrance and walk down to the junction to Great Western Road. The road, opposite, running off of Great Western Rd, is Maryhill Rd. Cross to the right hand side and walk up and around this building and walk down Clarendon Pl to the Castle Vaults across the road OR walk up Great Western Rd to the left from the subway to The Hug and Pint

Buchanan St -

Coming up the subway escalators there is an alleyway to the right - along here is the back door to the  Waxy O'Connors


Come out of the subway and make your way to the main road above it. walk back, away from the busy junction, and cross over to go down, first right, Cambridge St which has Jackson's near the start of it.


Do not bother with the elevators, just walk out of the car park and along the road which curves round to The Doublet


Turn right and two doors up is The Curler's Rest

Jackson’s has two doorways each taking you to a different room sharing a horsehoe servery . The whole area is open plan with some walls stripped back. There is a mixture ofbooths and banquette seating around the sides. The left hand side room has three semi-circular booths and aa aquarium. Some tall shelves around pillars make it easy to stand in the milling around area and hold a drink.

Lots of light comes in the large windows. Food served

Have a pint here

Real ale:         Jarl;  Spinnaker (Jaw);  Aftermire (Seattle Brewing Co)

Heavy:           Joker;  Caledonia Best;  Punk IPA;  Gladeye IPA;  Punk IPA;  Green Devil (Oakham)

Lager:             Weihstephaner;  St Mungo;  Tennent’s;  Innes & Gunn

Cider:      Strongbow Guinness

Do the sub-crawl in the other direction by now going to the bottom of THIS PAGE.

Going in reverse means the West End is near the end of the journey



Which metals are used in making the alloy bronze?      






The TEN Glasgow trails in the centre of the city and THREE in the West End consist of:


Three trails exploring 3 of the main streets in the city centre HOPE St;  RENFIELD St and WEST NILE St


Two trails are around Squares GEORGE SQUARE and  the OLD FRUIT MARKET in Merchant City.


The final four trails take in : QUEEN St & GLASSFORD St,  Around THE TRONGATE , JAMAICA St/ST ENOCH , BATH St and WATERLOO St & BOTTOM of HOPE St


The pubs on the trails are shown on the map below.

All of the trails are near both Glasgow Central station and Queen St station so are easily accessed by public transport.




SUBWAY CRAWL  - 15 subway stops and their closest bars