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The Merchant (Stonegate Pub Co) is a large attractively finished two floor pub. A variety of styles of seating - booths, small and large tables; low and tall tables. Excellent service. Booths just in front of bar then dining tables beyond this.


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Real ale   :Ale of Leven Old Golden Hen

Bitter        :John Smith

Lager       :St Mungos; Carling; Carlsberg; Budweisser; Amstel Stella;


Society Room is a Wetherspoon pub. It is basically one rather large room. It is only sectioned off by style of seating or carpet/wood flooring rather than different rooms.

CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2013

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Real ale     :Arkels Noel; Salopian Holly Bush; Sneck Lifter;

                         Exmoor Gold; Bishops Finger

Craft beer :  Devils backbone; This.Is.Lager

Bitter          :  Bellhaven Best

Lager         :1664; Amstel; Stella; Tennents; Fosters; Heineken;

                            Tuborg; Innis & Gunn

                                   Magners      Guinness

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RENFIELD STREET trail -11 pubs

From Glasgow Central walk out the main entrance and turn right and walk to the corner. Going down to the right is Union St while up to the left is Renfield St. This crawl is going wander up the left hand side of Renfield St then down the opposite side back to the train station.

Walk up a few blocks to the crossroads with West George St. Turn right onto West George St and a few doors up is The Society Room, A Wetherspoon pub. Going back to Renfield St on the corner is The Merchant. Walking up and across a lane is The Maltman. In the middle of the next block is The Raven. Continuing up and on the corner with Sauchiehall St is Lauders.

Walking up a further block and crossing over diagonally The Atholl Arms starts the return journey. On the corner across for here is Walkabout. Wander down a few blocks and opposite The Raven is The Renfield Bar. Another block down and opposite The Merchant is Missoula. A further block down on the corner is The Drum and Monkey.  Half way down this final block, just before Renfield St ends, is Drury Lane. Turn left into this and visit The Horseshoe.

The station is at the crossroads marking the end of Renfield St.

Lauders is a corner pub with entrances from both streets. There is a large almost semi-circular bar with stools around it. Beyond the bar there is seating following it all around the room. The seating is split into different areas some of which are raised. The room opens out around the right hand side. There is also, up a few stairs, a family room.

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Bitter: Bellhaven Best;  Punk;  Chieftain IPA (Franciscan)

Lager: Tennent’s;  Coors; Bud Light; Hop House 13; Peroni; Carling; Innes & Gunn

Cider:  Strongbow


Maltman (Bellhaven) is a large open plan room with stairs at far end leading to an smaller upper seating area which looks out over the main bar. More than a menu on table joint however, it has an attractive serving area with stools.


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Bitter      :Bellhaven Best

Lager    :Peroni; Stella; Tennents; St Mungos

Strongbow      Guinness

The Raven. The main door opens to small flights of stairs with tables to the side. They lead to an open bar area where there is considerable standing area and a shelf table. Opposite the bar and round to the right is a dining area and stairs to upstairs part of pub.

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Real ale       :McEwan’s IPA; Daleside Porter; Bravehop

Craft beer    :Gladeye IPA (Drygate); Ceasar Augustus (William Bros); Deadmans hand (Blackjack); Mosaic (Adnams)

Bitter            :Caledonian Best; Samuel Adams

Lager           :Haverlee; Stella; Tennents; Menabria

Magners      Guinness

Renfield St trail continues

I saw a notice that said "Drink Canada Dry" and I have just started.


Brendan Behan

George Square trail


Table Tennis



What type of creature is a capercaillie?



Drink and Music


John Lee Hooker -

Whiskey and Wimmen

West Nile St trail Hope St trail Merchant Square trail Waterloo St trail

The TEN Glasgow trails consist of:


Three trails exploring three of the main streets in the city centre HOPE St;  RENFIELD St and WEST NILE St


Two trails are around Squares GEORGE SQUARE and  the OLD FRUIT MARKET in Merchant City.



The pubs on the trails are shown on the map below.


All of the trails are near both Glasgow Central station and Queen St station so are easily accessed by public transport.