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Glasgow  - Renfield St    2/2


Walkabout is a very large open plan Aussie theme pub with a semi circular performing area and dance space. The large area is broken up into smaller, but still large sections. Including a soft sofa area and dining tables. This is a sports and party venue. Plenty of giant TVs for sport and lots of room to party and dance. There is also an upstairs.

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Bitter    :John Smith

Lager    :Heineken; Fosters; Carling; Stella

Cider:    Aspall      Guinness

Atholl Arms is a corner pub entered from either street.  The Renfield Street door takes you to a small standing area and a larger area to right with seating for dining. In this area the windows are now floor to ceiling. The bar loops round and follows four stairs down to take you to a lower area. The two rooms are opened up together.

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Bitter    :Bellhaven Best

Lager   :Carling; 1664 Tennents

cider    :Magners, Strongbow      Guinness

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The Atholl Arms starts the return journey. On the corner across for here is Walkabout. Wander down a few blocks and opposite The Raven is The Renfield Bar. Another block down and opposite The Merchant is Missoula. A further block down on the corner is The Drum and Monkey.  Half way down this final block, just before Renfield St ends, is Drury Lane. Turn left into Drury lane and visit The Horseshoe, Drury St and The Yes Bar.

The station is at the crossroads marking the end of Renfield St.

The Horse Shoe is a regular in pub books looking for iconic pubs. Set down Drury Street (actually a lane) in Glasgow city centre. A building of historic importance according to Historic Scotland. Downstairs is a centre bar in a horshoe shape to the front with the rear of each leg curving out to give two lobes.

Upstairs lounge

Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA)

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real ale:     Bitter & Twisted (Harviestoun), Caledonian 80/-, Summer,

                   Deuchars (Caledonian)

heavy          Bellhaven Best,;Tennent's Special, Caffrey's

lager         : Tennent's                                


The Renfield Bar

A small narrow old style pub with a small snug at front before entering attractive bar. Locals line the bar on stools.

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Bitter    :Bellhaven Best

Lager    :Grolsch; Fosters; Carling; Tennents; Carling

Cider                              Guiness, Bellhaven Black

Missoula does not sell brown beer. It is primarily an evening venue although it attracts its fair share of lunch time eaters with an all day menu and baby changing facilities. It has lots of standing and milling around area. There are also  tables seating two and four for more intimacy. The outside hill makes the inside split level. Upstairs is open at weekends

The pub has an ATM!

It is part of the Stonegate Pub Company

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Bitter    :none

Lager    :Peroni; Amstel; Stella; Tennents;

Magners      Guinness

Start of Renfield St

I saw a notice that said "Drink Canada Dry" and I have just started.


Brendan Behan

The Drum & Monkey is  a Nicolson's pub in the city centre. It has a small horshoe bar. Slightly raised area to the right and a quieter sitting area through from the left. Ornate celing and large fireplace shows it was converted from other use. However, it hasnice low lit  ambience.

Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA)

Good Pub Guide 2013

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real ale :    Catptain Cat, SOS, Silver Dollar,London Porter, Nicolson's Plae Ale.


lager:         Tennent's , Peroni, Becks, Stella Black,  San Miguel

Cider:         Strongbow                                          Guiness


A leap year



In which city is Interpol's headquarters?


Drink and Music



Whisky Drinking Woman

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The Yes Bar  (nee Vespars) styles itself as a retro Italian cafe-bar. Street level small bar with formica and plastic retro style furnishing. Upstairs is balcony seating looking over the centre of the small bar. Where is the Scottish beer? Brewdog and Innis & Gunn

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real ale:     45 IPA

heavy         John Smith

lager          :Heineken; Fosters; Amstel; Birra moretta; Sagres; Three Hop Lager

Cider          Strongbow                                    Guinness

Drury St bar and kitchen is a large downstairs bar. More of an evening vanue than lunch time.

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heavy:        nil

lager:        Steampunk; Brooklyn Brewery; Grimbergen Blonde; Carlsberg; Strap  ; Tuborg;San Miguel

Cider:         Somersby