Glasgow - Hope St 1/2

I saw a notice that said "Drink Canada Dry" and I have just started.

Brendan Behan

HOPE STREET trail - a possible 18 drinking places, however only three sell real ale but two of these are great pubs and not to be missed.
From Glasgow Central walk out the main entrance and turn left and walk to the corner. Going down to the right and left is Hope St. This crawl is going wander up the right hand side of Hope St then down the opposite side back to the train station.
First right is Renfield Lane and down here are two bars Stereo and The Old Hairdressers. Continue up Hope St for a few blocks and reach The Pot Still. Another few blocks up is Molly Malone's. Keep going up and reach The Theatre Royal at the top. Opposite here are MacConnell's and trader Joe's. Go into MacConnell's on the corner. Now return to Trader Joe's.
Then walk down this side of Hope St to reach Rufus T Firefly. Next block down are Swing and NYC bar. Just as you reach the station building there is Ad Lib then and on the corner is The Toby Jug. Around the corner is The Hope.
Cross over and keep going down to Park Lane and next door The Alpen Lodge, then Solid Rock Cafe and finally Denholms Bar. Cross over to walk back up to the station and there is The Two Heided Man and 26 Hope St and into the station.

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Stereo has some stairs to go up before reaching the bar area. The counter is straight ahead while there is some seating for food to the left and, to the right is a longer area with more tables and chairs. Tables and chairs are deliberately really basic. There is a good range of bottled beer.
Have a bottle here

Lager McEwan's; Estrella; Birra Moretti;Afflinghem; Heineken; Fosters; Amstel; Krusovice
Cider Strongbow Dark Fruit; Symond's Founders Guinness

The Old Hairdressers is opposite Stereo and is also a music/art venue of the intimate type. There is a very small servery under the stairs which lead up to seating. To the left of the servery and beyond the stairs is a small room with basic table and chairs in subduded lighting.
Have a pint
Craft Joker
Heavy William's Draught
Lager Heineken; Amstel; Kruovice
Cider Guinness

The Pot Still is a small bar in the city centre sopecialising in whisky. Small amount of seating at front and then up in a mezzanine area.
Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA)-2016
Have one here
real ale : Deuchars, Carte Blanc (Kelburn), Braveheart Ale
heavy: Bellhaven Best
lager: Stella,
Cider: Magners Guinness

'Not enough room to swing a cat'
It was the only place on board with the space to swing a cat o' nine tails. 


What weapon fires a quarrel?


Molly Malone’s is a Irish pub. It is a longish pub with seating either side of door and servery counter seating a third of the way in on the left hand wall. Seating all around is raised above the floor level. Windows to front and down right hand side from the lane. High tables in centre of room.Dark wood furniture and bar, wooden floor but light high ceilings. Offers food and the smell lingers around the room. Plenty of different whiskies.
Have a half pint
Craft Dublin Porter
Heavy Bellhaven Best
Lager St Mungo; Heineken; Stella; Tennent’s; Coors; Peroni
Cider Guinness

MacConnell’s is a two roomed traditional pub with downstairs function room. Lounge entered from Hope St and bar entered around the corner. Lounge is usual tables and chairs with padded seating around room. Bar has pool table and padded seating up a few steps against far wall
Heavy John Smith; Bellhaven Best
Lager Fosters; 1664
Cider Murphy’s Guinness

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