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Glasgow  - George Square 1/2


Waxy O’Connors is an interesting bit of a warren. The design is to give the impression you are sitting in rooms found in the roots of a tree (with  organ pipes) From the front door you can go straight ahead or upstairs or round and downstairs. There are three levels plus a large landing space between ground and first floor. Once upstairs you can look down on the downstairs space. There are three serving areas and lots of small drinking areas some on raised floors giving it an itimacy.

Have one here and look around

Heavy     : Caledonian 80/; Caffreys

Lager      : Tennent's ; Stella; Carling

Cider      : Blackthorn                                                                             Murphys, Guinness

Dow’s is a one roomed lounge pub with function room (120 people) above.  Mainly small round tables with stools. A pleasent bar to sit at.


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Heavy     : John Smith;

Lager      : Tennent's ; Carling; Carlsberg; Stella;

Cider      : Strongbow              Guinness

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From Glasgow Central walk to Queen St Station via the pedestrian areas along Gordon St and up Buchanan St. Turn right onto West George St and see Waxy O’ Connors a few doors along on the left.

From Queen St Station exit by the main door and walk along the alley opposite this (at the side of Dow’s pub) to the back door of Waxy O’Connors.

Leave here by the back door onto the alley. Walk along here to Queen St station and turn right to find Dow’s and The Vale side by side.

Walk along the front of the station to George Square and discover Camperdown Place under the main station building. Continue along the side of George Square and at the corner the Millennium Hotel has a bar called Georgics on the corner.

Walk along to the next corner and turn up to the left (North Fredrick St) and find The Ark on the right-hand side. Come back down to George Square and move to the next corner where opposite the square is The Piper. Leaving here and continuing round the square to the final corner. Her just down to the left is Drouthys and on the opposite corner is The Counting House.  Down an alley opposite and to the right from The Counting House is The Auctioneers

The Vale (now closed) is very basic pub where the service is excellent. Servery is to left  with a nice curving counter rounding a corner. It also seems slightly higher than most bars. Seating or stools around the walls leaving a large space in the middle.The marble style floor is well worn (and patched) at the bar. Music venue /function room (for 40) is upstairs.

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Real ale   : Jaw Drop Drift; Skye Red

Heavy     : Caledonia Best

Lager      : Tennent's ; Stella;

Cider      : Magners    

Camperdown Place  (closed while station refurbishment continues)  is a small pub by the JD Wetherspoon chain standard. It is set below street level therefore is a bit dark inside. The stairs take you down to seating to the right with servery to the left and more seating in front of the bar. There is also outside seating by the road overlooking George Square

CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2013, not 2016


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Real ale   : Hawkshead Windemere Pale ale; Hawkshead Bitter; Hawkshead Lager; Hawkshead Dry Stone Stout; Deuchers; March of the Penguins; Caledonian 80/-; Mermaid Red (Coronado Brewing Co)

Craft       : Devils Backbone

Heavy     : John Smith;

Lager      : Tennent's ; Carling; Heineken; Amstel; Stella; Tuborg; Fosters

Cider      : Strongbow                 Guinness (+ice cold)

Georgics is the bar of The Millennium Hotel. It has three distinct drinking areas. Closest to the bar is the blue area with a pool table. Round to the left of the bar is a red sitting area. Through from this is a tabled area along the wall size windows looking over George Square.


Have a half pint here

heavy:        John Smith

lager:         Fosters; Heineken; 1664

Cider:         Strongbow                                   Guinness

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