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Palomino    is a glass fronted pub/diner. There are three tables for 6 by the front entrance. Then up a few steps to the main room. The wooden servery is along the right wall. There are tall tables in the middle with stools on either side. The left-hand side has booths and there is some more seating in an area at the back.

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Heavy (Bitter): Innes & gunn IPA

Lager:             Heinekin;  Samuel Adams;  Birra Moretti;  St Mungo

Cider:              Symonds Guinness

Slouch  is a two roomed basement bar with door in middle with a bay window to each side letting in lots of light and giving passers-by a view down into each room. To the left is a room with many dining styles tables against the walls and a large performance are.  Music on most nights (Jazz Tues; Blues Wed) and food served until 2am (closes 3am). A wide corridor, where the toilets are, connect to the right hand room which has almost a square island servery with wooden counter and tiled facia. There are low tables and couches opposite the servery, under the window. There is booth seating along the right wall and also behind the servery with TV. Both ceiling and lighting are low. Dogs are welcome (if staff can pat them). There is some outside seating where steps come down from street to main entrance with wooden benches and barrels as tables. Pride themselves on serving food and offering music and no entry fee.

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Heavy (Bitter): Joker;  Caledonia Best

Lager:  Tennent’s;  Heverlee;  St Mungo;  3 Hop lager;  Drygate Pilsner

Cider: Magners Guinness

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Leave Central station by the left hand exit onto Hope St (see trails Hope St and Lower Hope St & Wellington St ) and turn up to the right. The second turn on the left should be St Vincent Street (not lane) and along here on the right is the Slug and Lettuce. Continue along and turn right up Wellington St. Third left is Bath St and on the corner is Bar Bloc.  Stay on the left side and almost next door is Pie and Brew at Adobe (closed on visit). Continue along Bath St watching the basements for The Butterfly and the Pig. In the next block is Slouch and closely followed by Palomino. Walk down another two blocks and on the corner across the street is The Griffin.

Return up Bath St again keeping on the left and turn left onto Holland St to see The State on the right. Return to Bath St. Next along is the Mini Bar (closed on visit) then at the start of the next block is The Tki Bar & Kitsch Inn (closed on visit). In the next block is St Judes and in the next Lucky 7 Bar and Canteen (closed on visit).

Continue down bath St and cross over Wellington St (Bloc Bar opposite) and watch for a basement bar The Howlin’ Wolf. Leave here by the back door onto Sauchiehall Lane and next door on the left is Malone’s

Bath St trail continues

I saw a notice that said "Drink Canada Dry" and I have just started.


Brendan Behan

George Square trail





What type of creature is a flying fox?



Renfield St trail

The Griffin looks like an old traditional art nouveau corner bar from the outside.  Around the right corner is one room width while the left side is much longer. There are six, six seater booths down to the left alongside the windows. To right of door is a couple of tall tables, then a three table seating area. The servery is a long thin horseshoe shape with wooden counter and brass foot rail. Tiled floor with ornate high ceiling and old-style lamps with a lot of light coming in the large windows.Walls have large and small mirrors and a tiled dado line. Opposite right side of servery there is some stools at shelves. Through from main bar is a smaller room with a small semi-circular servery called The Gin Palace, with dining style tables.

Have a pint here.

Real ale;              Goldhops (Kelburn)

Heavy (Bitter):     Coast To Coast;  Maltsmiths IPA;  Joker;  John Smiths

Lager:                 Tennent’s;  Fosters;  Stella; Maltsmiths Lager; Krusovice; Birra Moretti

Cider:                  Magners Guinness

Slug and Lettuce  has a long thin bar room into the right with more seating going to the left behind the long bar. The room opens out at the far end of the servery. Opposite the servery are some booths and some seating along side the large windows. There is lots of lighting to aguement the daylight coming in the large windows.

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Heavy (Bitter):     Punk IPA

Lager:                  Tennent’s;  13 Hop lager;  Innes & Gunn lager;  

                                Peroni;  Esttrella;   St Mungo;  Blue Moon

Cider:                   Mortimer Orchard;  

                                 Rekorderlig Guinness

Bloc is a basement bar/diner with some seating below ground level by the stairs before entrance to the bar. Once in the entrance there is seating to both sides.  Wooden tables and metal stools to the right followed by the servery. To the left and up a couple of steps there is seating along the walls with tables and chairs while down the middle left is more booth style seating. Opposite the servery are more wooden tables and higher up wooden benches. As befits a basement bar the ceiling is low however, the lighting is bright. Cooking smells throughout room. The bar always seems to be bustling even when quiet.

Have a pint here

Heavy (Bitter): Caesar Augustus;  Punk IPA;  Brookland Summer Ale

Lager:             Carling;  Prevha;  Innes & Gunn Lager;  Staroperaman;  Blue Moon;  Samuel Adams;  Heineken

Cider:              Strongbow Guinness

The Butterfly and The Pig is a basement bar without a basement feel to it. Instead it is decorated with a mixture of furniture with a area set out as an old kitchen with ironing board, crockery cupboards and washing hanging over the wine stored in an old sink. To the left of entrance is armchair and couch seating and closer to servery tables with tables set for dining (including white tablecloths). The servery is ahead on the back wall and there is more dining around to the right.

Have a pint

Real ale;           Nimbus (Atlas; £2.35 a half pint)

Heavy (Bitter):  Franciscian Chieftan;  Blue Monkey;  Bellhaven Best

Lager:               Carling; Staroperaman;  Prevha

Cider:               Aspall Guinness

Alligator Wine 

Screaming Jay Hawkins

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