Glasgow - Trongate area 1/2

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At the far end of Argyll St is The Trongate leading to The Tollbooth just before The Tollbooth on the left is Maggie May's. At the junction after this the Trongate forks, so follow the left hand fork and soon find the Chrystal Bell and opposite here under the railway bridge is MacKinnon's. Walk back to the beginning of the fork and walk up the righ hand fork to find Spirit across the road and under the railway bridge. Now walk back up to the corner to see The Tollbooth Bar.
Walk down from The Tollbooth Bar and ahead on the right underneath the railway is a v-shaped pub, The Old Empire Bar. Leaving by the bar and continuing down The Saltmarket The Old Ship Bank Bar is on the far corner. When leaving here go along the road towards the city centre and under the railway bridge. On the other side of the bridge on the left is The Winds. Leaving her follow the road round to the left and find on the corner The Victoria & Clutha Bar. Leaving here cross over opposite The Victoria and walk up Stockwell St on the right to The Scotia on the next corner. From here you need to cross over the car park or continue up Stockwell St and turn right along the side of the car park to the end of it and find The 13th Note on the corner. Walking further up King St is the Avant-Garde.

Maggie May’s (“late-night bar, kitchen and venue”) is a large corner pub with a large rectangular island bar servery. Entering from the main door eating is around the two window sides with most tables being in the area immediately to the right in front of the longer part of the servery. Straight ahead from the door is a darker area with sofa seating and low tables. Around the back of the island bar is a r large dining room. The main venue area is downstairs in the basement. Music (and cocktails) centres around Rock ‘n’ Roll
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Heavy: John Smith; Joker
Lager: Heiniken; Amstel; Birra Moretti; Fosters; St Mungo; Krusovice
Cider: Strongbow Guinness

The Chrystal Bell & Co is a one roomed corner pub with entrances from both sides. From the 31 Gallogate entrance the bar comes out from the far wall in a small horseshoe shape. There are booths down the left hand wall and in the far right hand corner is seating and the other entrance. Along the windows overlooking the Gallogate is a raised seating area, up a couple of steps, with padded banquette seating and tables. This makes a lounge area apart from the main bar area in front of the servery counter. All floors are wooden and there is a high ceiling with cornicing. There are TVs on the wall and stools at counter. An “old man’s pub”, with prices reflecting that, that has been restyled with new furnishing but still has the old flavour.
Pub history
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Heavy: John Smith; Caffrey’s
Lager: Tennent’s; Carling; Coors
Cider: Strongbow Guinness

Mackinnon’s is a two roomed corner pub, underneath a railway bridge, with entrances from both sides. The entrance on the main street (The Gallowgate) takes you to a counter straight in front of you. To the right of the door is a small area for playing pool. The bar counter curves around to the left with a narrow seating area, also curving, opposite it. When the curve straightens there is the other entrance and the next room. This is a longer, but still curving room, with blue banquette seating along the left hand wall. This room is served from the end of the counter.
Bright, cheerful and cheap prices. Licensed from 8am!
Have a half pint here.
Heavy: Caledonia Best
Lager: Tennent’s;
Cider: Blackthorn Guinness



The Spirit is a two roomed bar in within vaults underneath a railway bridge. Down a few steps brings you top the main drinking area with the servery along the left hand wall with a big screen above the gantry. There is some table seating opposite the counter but it is mainly stools at the bar or standing. Subdued lighting and curved ceiling gives a good atmosphere. Beyond the bar area and through an archway is a performance area with stage straight ahead. This rooms has tables and chairs along the walls and lots of standing in middle
Have a pint here.
Heavy: Caledonia Best; Caffrey’s
Lager: Tennent’s; Carling; Staroperaman
Cider: Magners Guinness


Which sea separates Australia and New Zealand?


The Tollbooth Bar is a one roomed corner pub with entrances from the corner and the longer, with etched arched windows, side. From the corner entrance the room is L-shaped with the bar servery in the far corner and round to the side. There is seating along the wall under the windows but it is mainly standing apart from that. It has an attractive dark wood gantry. Again there are the cheap prices associated with this area.
It is an Irish pub without being themed.
Have a pint here.
Heavy: Caledonia Best
Ligh: Tennent’s
Lager: Tennent’s; Clonmel 1650 Irish lager ; Stella; Hop House 13; Bud
Cider: Magners; Ye Olde English Cider Guinness

The Old Empire Bar is a small bar spreading out from a point and underneath a railway line. The arrowhead of the pub becomes visible walking down from the Tollbooth bar. On the left is the entrance to the bar which has some windows and to the right is the entrance to the lounge. Going in the left side bar door the widest space is in the point of the bar to the right of the entrance. Against the wall to the left is the servery. There is not much room between the counter and the wall for customers – enough room for a stool and a walk past up to the small square lounge.
Heavy: Caledonia Best
Lager: Tennent’s
Cider: Strongbow Guinness

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