Fort William

Five of the pubs sell real ale and a couple of those that do have 5 to 7 hand pumps.
It is an akward crawl as you have to leave the station for a walk then return back to the town for the rest of the pubs.
From the station The Nevis Bank Inn is across the road and five minutes further up the A82, just before the next roundabout. Real ale is sold in the bar/restaurant of the Nevis Bank Inn which is called Browns. Returning to the station but staying on the town side of the road, The Cobb Lounge can be found at the exit from the pedestrian tunnel from the station. leave it and walk along the High Street to find The Grog and Gruel on the left and then The Ben Nevis on the right. At the end of the High Street is The Westend Hotel

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Drink and Music
Pee Wee Herman- Tequila
(takes 3 mins to get to song)

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Ossians Hotel is in the cenre of the High Street. It was hard to tell if it was being improved or poorly looked after. Like most hotels it had no bar staff behind bar (on two visits) and poor selection of beers. Offers food and discos.

half pint if you must
heavy : Tennent's Special
Lager : Tennent's Lager
cider : Strongbow Guinness

The Volunteer Arms is a pleasent wee local. Two large square rooms one with the bar area and the other with pool table. All brown wood and mirrors and old pictures. Seating around side with taller tables in middle. Full of conversation and variety of ages. Always smokers outside. offers disco some evenings. Friendly staff .

have one here
heavy : John Smiths (and cold); Tartan Special
Lager : Fosters, 1664, Carling
Cider : Strongbow and Bulmers Guinness

The Maryburgh is treached by a narrow doorway leading down steps to an alley (usuually with smokers) to a two roomed pub. Band area to the rear (rock pub for FW) with bar to the front. A claim to fame is that it contains an old well, covered in perspex to put glasses on, which blocks part of the serving area (see right). Always noise with conversation and loud music even in mid afternoon.

Have one here
heavy :Bellhaven Best
Lager : Tenennts, Stella
Cider : Strongbow Guinness

The Crofter Bar and Restuarant has two doors to the High Street. The left hand side takes you into a small bar with large TV. Half way around the bar the floor becomes carpeted and you are in the lounge. The lounge can be entered from the right hand doorway, where the serving area is to the left and a large seating area to the right. The raised restuarant is further back from the lounge. A younger persons local and packed on at weekends.

Have one here
heavy /bitter :John Smiths, McEwans 70/-
Lager : Fosters Stella
Cider : Strongbow Guinness

Imperial Hotel (Best Western) is a large old building just off the High Street. It has a small lounge to the left of the larger more comfortable reception. Service was quick for a hotel but the background music was local radio (lazy). It has some outside seating.

Half pint here
bitter/heavy : Ember (Tennents)
lager : Stella, Tennents
cider : Magners

The Cobb Lounge is under the Nevis Sport shop. It has a large lounge area and a smaller mezanine. It does bar meals and occassional music. A Sports bar because it has a large TV. Fire has wood over it painted to resemble a fire but there is staill a tub of rubbsih sitting beside it to be burned - a turn off.
Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA)

Have a pint here
real ale : (changes regularly)Tower Ridge, Dark Island (both Isle of Skye) Wayfairer, Bellhave IPA,
bitter/heavy : Bellhaven Best (+cold)
lager : Carlsberg
cider : Strongbow Guinness

Alexandra Hotel is a large imposing hotel at the end of the High Street opposite the station. Large lounge with variety of tables and a restuarant (the Food stop) and there is some outside seating at the car park overlooking the gradens. While staff were there they were moaning about Italians wanting more bread and water!

Have a pint here
bitter/heavy :MeEwan's 70/-
lager :1664, Fosters
cider : Strongbow Guinness

The Loch Eill is the bar diner Brewers Fayre associated with the Premier Inn. No different from expected - reminds you of others.

Have a half pint
bitter/heavy :Bellhaven Best
lager :Carlsberg, Tenents, Becks, Stella
cider :Strongbow Guinness

Drink makes men hungry, or it makes them lie.

G. Wilkins, The Miseries of Enforced Marriage

A large sign indicates The Nevis Centre, showing the presence of a lounge bar. This isa small room connected to the bowling alley. Really, it is for having a drink while waiting on bowling and only the most determined crawler would want to visit

bitter/heavy : Tetley
lager : Carlsberg
cider : Strongbow Guinness

The Nevis Bank Inn is a hotel and resturant a few minutes away from the centre of town. The bar/resturant is called Browns and is very modern - all dark wood and black leather with some high tables. The lounge area is comfortable but still has feel of hotel/resturant rather than lounge. Good food and fiendly staff.

Have one here
real ale : Deuchars
bitter/heavy : John Smiths
lager : Fosters, 1664



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