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The Minster Tavern is an attractive looking town pub. The entrance leads to an L-shaped bar with two main drinking areas. At the back is a conservatory styled area with lots of tables for dining. The main area is less open with slightly more private seating. It is almost impossible to not see a TV screen.  All tables have menus (food, deals, etc) sticking up on them and you pay for the food before you receive it.  The food was not good and the service poor as barmaids seem to stay in the kitchen.  The music and TVs are not particularly loud but still many customers need to shout. This is run by  Stonegate pub company as is The Hereward.

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Real ale      :Greene king IPA; Sunbeam (Banks Park); Hobgoblin; Cumberland ale; Doombar

Keg bitter   :John Smiths

Lager          :Carlsberg; Amstel

Cider           :Aspalls Suffolk Cider                     Guinness

The CheaperTrail

The cheaper trail starts in the town which is a short walk from the station. Leave the station and walk up the Back Hill towards the town. At the top of the hill you bear right past the (probably closed) Fountain and walk up to the cathedral along The gallery. Just past the cathedral there is The Minster Tavern on the left and The Lamb on the right. Across the main road is the The Kings Arms. Do in the order The Minster tavern, The Kings Arms then The Lamb.

On leaving The Lamb go along the narrow High St opposite The Minster Tavern. Turn Left up Chequers Lane. In the middle of this lane is The Hereward and opposite the front door, on Market St is The Townhouse. Leave the Townhouse and turning left follow the road around to the left (do go along the pedestrianised area) and turn right at the end of this road. A little along this will be The High Flyer on the left and, a few steps further Bar 62 on the right.

Returning to Market St and going through the pedestrian area will take you back down towards the station via Forehill (with Liberty Belle and The Royal Standard on it) and along to the station.

Kings Arms is newly done up and shining. The bar serves a small room to the front and a much larger room to the back. To the right of the small front room is a comfy seating area. There is a large car park with a garden area through to the rear. Brightens up when there is live music at the weekend. Lunches available.

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Real ale      :Wherry;  DNA (Wells); Doombar

Keg bitter   :John Smiths

Lager          :Fosters; Becks; Stella


The High Flyer is a Charles Wells pub and diner. Entrance takes you into a smart stone floored bar with carpeted  lounge are with tables and chairs up a few steps to the right. Three members of staff cannot keep the lounge tables clean. Darts is played in the lounge area where the throwing prevents access to the patio area. As it is a corner pub the patio can be entered from the side, though to get a drink you may have to dodge the darts. The diner can be entered from the patio or from the bar.

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Real ale      :DNA; Bombardier; Eagle

Lager          :Stella; Fosters; Carlsberg

Cider           :Strongbow                                     Guinness

The Lamb is a Greene King hotel, bar and diner. Through the entrance is an attractive wooden floored bar with seating to both sides. The left hand side has most of the seating and more of a restaurant feel while the right hand side is smaller and more of a lounge. Both sides have a menu on each table and the food is good and staff attentive.

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Good Pub Guide 2013

Real ale      :Greene King IPA; Old Speclked Hen

Lager          :Fosters; Peroni

Cider          :Aspalls Guinness

The Townhouse is one of the nicest bars in town. Entrance (up a few steps) leads you to a pool room, however, it gets better. Through the back is a large wooden  bar room with not a lot of seating. This has  a conservatory, with tables, off of it. There is a large outside paved patio area. Food is offered at lunch time. Transforms itself from drinking pub to loud with a resident DJ attracting a young crowd. There is usually a live act on a Sunday afternoon for an older age group. CAMRA discount offered.

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Ely & district CAMRS pub of the year 2013

CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2013

Real ale      :Polar Star (Buntingford); Nuptu’ale (Oakleaf); 

                      Shannon IPA (Potton);  Nightboat stout

Lager          :Carlsberg; Carling; Krombacher pils; Krombacher dark;

                           Bud; Becks

Cider          :Aspalls; Strongbow                         Guinness

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The Hereward is the largest pub in town. It is a Smiths & Jones house with a long bar. There is a large standing area beside the bar and plenty of seating areas some on a raised platform.  It is a bit dark inside as the windows are at the main entrance on the short side. Food and deals menus pop up from every table and TV screens are hard to avoid making it a younger persons Minster Tavern (also run by Stonegate pub company). There is a little outside seating on the pavement. Very popular on weekend nights with the young.

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Real ale      :Broadside; Take Courage; Bombardier; Doombar

Lager          :Stella;  Peroni; Amstel; San Miguel

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The thirteen establishments can be quickly split into two groups - expensive or cheaper.

There are the expensive six (most real ales around £3.70)

The Fountain (opens in evenings)

The Royal Standard

The Prince Albert (afternoon closure)

West End House (afternoon closure)

The Cutter Inn

Liberty Belle (afternoon closure)


and the cheaper seven (£2.90-£3.30). the Minster Tavern

The King's Arms

The Townhouse

the Hereward

The Lamb

Bar 62

The High Flyer


All pubs sell real ale, but some are more committed to it than others.

Bar 62 looks like a large barn, actually a former cinema, but is split up inside. Straight through the doors is the bar with some seating but mainly standing room. Down a few steps is a large dance/performance area while up a few steps is a large games are with darts and three pool tables, yet not overcrowded. TVs to show lots of sports. outside are to side.

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Real ale      : Old Speckled Hen

Lager          :

Cider          : Guinness

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