Edinburgh - 8 trails

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and lies on the East coast on the Firth of Forth, The second highest population in Scotland it is the largest city by area. The city is famous for its architecture and design, both the old town and the new town are World Heritage sites. It has a world famous Castle and hosts the Edinburgh Festival (and Fringe) every year.
The easiest way to get to Edinburgh is by train to Waverley station. There is also the second last station which is Haymarket .These stations are at either end of Princes Street and Haymarket is the stop for Edinburgh's West End

Edinburgh is a large city with many pubs spread over different areas of the town. Rose Street is a very popular drinking trail so I have ignored it and have introduced two or three (depends on your time and inclination) - now 6 or 7, other pub trails based in Edinburgh. There is a short one viewing pubs at the Grassmarket (red icons) and two slightly longer (or one very long) starting at Haymarket station towards Lothian Rd (green icons) or Haymarket to Princes Street (yellow icons) taking in pubs in the West End and Lothian Road triangle.
All of the pubs are highlighted on the map below.
Recently added is trail 4 linking West End trails to The Grassmarket Trail (blue icons) and trail 5 going beyond The Grassmarket (purple icons) and finally The Royal Mile (brown icons).
There are also trails in The Cowgate (dark blue icons), heading to The Southside (orange icons) and around Waverley Station (light Blue Icons)

Trail 1- Princes St to Haymarket Station (yellow icons)
The Huxley (formerly Rutland Bar
Ghillie Dhu
The Angel's Share (formerly Hudsons)
Ryan's Bar 
HP Mather.
These first five bars are also the last five of trail 2 (see below). This makes it possible to link these to together into one long trail.
The Grosvener 
Au Bar
Bert's Bar
Mercat Bar 
The Haymarket
These last two bars are also the first two of trail 2 (see below). This makes it possible to link these to together into one long trail.

A place this size is bound to have its own guides to illustrate the vast quantity, quality and styles of pubs.

CAMRA in Edinburgh

Edinburgh pub reviews 209 pubs from 2003-2008 and so is a little out of date. links to 8 recommended pubs

Most of the pubs do serve real ale and while a lot of pubs offer a choice of real ale some only offer one which is inevitably Deuchers. Quite often these pubs are only playing at selling real ale and the Deuchers is not as tasty as it can be.

Practically every pub offers food at lunch or all day

Trail 2 Haymarket station to Lothian Road (green icons)

This tour of the pubs starts from Haymarket station.
The Haymarket.
The Jolly Botanist (formerly The Spider's Web)
Diane's Pool Hall.
Carters Bar.
Thompsons Bar
The Beer Kitchen
All Bar One
Red Squirrel
Ryan's Bar
The Angel's Share ( formerly HudsonsHP Mather.
Huxleys (was Rutland Bar
Ghillie Dhu.
The last five bars are also the first five in trail 1 (see above)

Please take care crossing roads, traffic comes from everywhere in Edinburgh. It is worthwhile walking away from the pub across the road to get to traffic lights to then cross the road to reach the pub safely.

Trail 5 - Beyond The Grassmarket (purple icons)

This tour of the pubs starts after trail 3 has left The Grassmarket or, alternatively, it can be started at the top of the Royal Mile, but not go down it.

At the top of the Royal Mile, the closest pub to the Edinburgh Castle, is
The Castle Arms
The Bow Bar
Bar Salsa
Oz Bar
Greyfriars Bobby
Sandy Bell's
The Doctors
Bateco Do Brazil
Paradise Palms
George IV Bar

Trail 4 - Bread Street area - joins trail 2 to Grassmarket (blue icons)

Walk up the left hand side of Lothian Rd from Princess St and after crossing to small streets start at
The Red Squirrell
The Beer Kitchen
All Bar One.
The Hanging Bat.
The Chanter
The Footlights
The Blue Blazer
The Dragonfly Cocktail Bar
W.J Christie and Son (called The Grassmarket in trail 3).

Drink and Music
Traffic -
John Barlycorn Must Die

What is 111,111,111 x 111,111,111


Love makes the world go round? Not at all. Whisky makes it go round twice as fast.
Compton Mackenzie

The Cowgate Trail 7 (dark blue) - the least interesting of the trails during the afternoon as several are only open in the evening. However there are a few nice pubs.It can be linked with some vistis in The Royal Mile
The Inn on The Mile
The Tron
The Advocate
The City Cafe
The Three Sisters
Bar 50
Holyrood 9A
The Globe

6. The Royal Mile (Brown icons)

Starting at the top and travelling down the left hand pavement The Royal Mille then returning up the hill on the opposite side - still the left!
The Ensign Ewart
The Jolly Judge
Deacon Brodies
The Albanach
The Mitre
The Royal Mile Tavern
The Whiski Bar
Number 1 High St
The Tolbooth Tavern
The Kilderkiln.
The return journey is
Cannon's Gait
The White Horse
The Worlds End
Inn on The Mile
The Royal McGregor

To the Soutside trail 8 - orange icons

Inn on the Mile
The Royal Oak
The Whistle Stop
Brass Monkey
The Captain's Bar
The Southsider
The Dagba
Pear Tree House
The Blind Poet
Andrew Usher & Co
The Potting Shed


a bear

Some Edinburghand the Borders area Breweries ...- links to web sites

Scottish Brewing web site

Andrew Usher
Barney's Beer
Black Metal brewing
Born in the Borders (originally Scottish Borders Brewery)
Broughton Ales
Caledonian Brewery
Carbon Smith unfortunately now moving to Manchester. Website has instructions on how to start a brewery in a bedroom.
Innes & Gunn
Stewart Brewing
Tempest Brewing Co (Kelso)

Around Waverley Station - out one exit and around to another entrance. Trail (light blue icons)
Half Way House
Jinglin' Geardie's.
Scotsman' Lounge
The Malt Shovel
The Hebrides
The Doric
The Bookling Office
Guildford Arms
Cafe Royal

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