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Biblos is a large modern corner lounge catering for students with deals on food and drink but welcoming everyone. Open to 1am, with live music, every day. There is a large bar with most of the windows look out on Chambers St rather than the main road. The serving counter is to the right. There is an extension room to the right of the servery. Mezzanine seating overlooking main bar area.  

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Heavy:     Bellhaven Best

Lager:      Peroni; Blue Moon;  San Miguel;  Carlsberg

Cider:      Somersby          Guinness

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Head to the Southside


Come out of Waverley St Station and walk up to North Bridge which runs above the station. Walk up the road to reach The Royal Mile (see Royal Mile crawl) and cross over to what is now South Bridge. Walk down a full block passing over The Cowgate (see Cowgate Trail) and reaching Biblos on the next right-hand corner. Cross South Bridge road and down to the left is The Royal Oak. 

Now moving back onto the South Bridge walk on to the next corner on the left. At this corner is Whistle Stop Barber Shop Bar. From here turn left at the corner onto Drummond St and down on the right is Brass Monkey. Return up to South Bridge and follow the road across South Bridge to S College St and on the left is The Captain's Bar. Back to the main road, now called Nicolson St

Continue down for a while taking second left into West Richmond St to The Southsider.

Back onto the main road, the next right-hand corner has Greenmantle. Continue down and on the left-hand side is McSorley's Bar. Cross back over and turn right (no car entry) and go down Gifford Park to reach another main road (Buccleuch St) and turn to the right and walk up to The Dagba.

Continue up Buccleuch St which becomes Chapel St, and turn right at the crossroads into West Nicolson St. On this corner is The Pear Tree and next door is The Dead Poet and next door again is Andrew Usher & Co.

Leaving here return to the corner and keep walking on the right (now Potterrow) to reach The Potting Shed. Continue up from here and turn right into Marshall St which will return you to Nicolson St.

Royal Oak has a small square public bar with serving counter along the far wall. Seating around room plus one tall table in centre. There is a relatively larger lounge bar downstairs. Well known for Folk music there is music every night- open to 2am. Dog friendly

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Real ale:       Deuchers;   Golden eye;   Wayfarer

Heavy:         McEwans 80/-;  MeEwans 70/-

Light;           McEwans 60/-

Lager:          Fosters;   1664

Cider           Strongbow          Guinness


The Southsider  is a two roomed lounge bar offering food and giant TVs which are well advertised in the windows. The entrance takes you to the main room and turning to the left another seating area. The first area has the wooden bar counter against the left side wall. Both rooms have booths on the right side wall and more conventional seating in middle of room.

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Real ale:    Landlord;  Deuchers

Heavy:      Caledonia Best

Lager:       Stella; Carling;  Tennents

Cider:        Strongbow                               Guinness


What is the collective noun for a group of frogs?


Edinburgh West End Haymarket to Lothian Rd Edinburgh Bread St Beyond Grassmarket

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Catpain's Bar is a small narrow bar. There is some seating to the right by the window. Then the serving counter extends half way down the right-hand wall. This used to go further as indicated by the back gantry continuing on down the wall.

A folk music haven.

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Has an entry in “Scotland’s True Heritage Pubs”

Real ale:       Deuchers;   Drop Kick

Heavy:         McEwans 70?-;   Caledonia

Lager:         Fosters;   Three Hop

Cider                  Symmonds        Guinness

The Royal Mile more Southside pubs

There is nothing wrong with sobriety in moderation.

    John Ciardi (1966)

Grassmarket The Cowgate

I'm not so think and drunk you I am.

    John Squires.

Greenmantle is a small corner pub. The small bar counter is to the right and the nicely decorated room extends in front of you. Not very bog it offers food all day and traditional music evenings.

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Real ale:     Doombar; Dirty Rucker; Hobgoblin

Heavy: Punk;

Lager: Coors; St Mungo

Cider          Old Rosie;  Carling Cider     Guinness



Andy Gray

Whistle Stop Barber Shop Bar is situated on a corner. It has an American style diner feel with barbershop stools along the bar counter. The entrance takes you the bar counter along the wall to the right and booths up the left hand wall. Two large booths are opposite the counter and looking out onto the main road. There is tall seating against the windows going down the right hand wall. Not a lot of space between stools at booths for standing drinking. Decorated with scissors and razors to keep the barbershop theme. Not obviously a bar when walking alongside it, easier to see the word 'bar' from across the street.

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Craft Ale:       Caesar Augustus

Bitter/Heavy:      Caledonia Best

Lager:       Tennent’s;  Innes & Gunn

Cider:       Addlestone

Brass Monkey has an art deco style main bar with the wall lights having fringes as shades. The serving counter does not quite take up the left hand wall. There is generous standing room between the counter and stools and the wall. The room opens up a little beyond the bar to offer one couch and table. Up a few steps near the back of the room and to the right is a landing which has two rooms off of it. One is an old sitting room with tables and chairs the other, which is dark, has one small table at the far end. In between the entrance and the small table both walls are lined with large loungers or small beds. They have no back and have no space between them. If you sit on them, back against the wall, then your feet will not touch the floor.

Behind the couch on the far wall, entered by a door at the side is the small toilet which is as close as you can get to ladies and gents sharing without being at home.

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Waverley Station