Edinburgh -Cowgate 2/2

The Cowgate - continued

Leaving Brewdog continue along Cowgate to The Three Sisters.
Then re-trace your steps back down the Cowgate and under the tunnel to find Bannerman's on the left. Continue down passing Pilgrims on the right and set back on the left is a large alley way entrance to Bar 50 (also entered my main door uo street on left, in a hostel). Travel down Cowgate and after crossing at a crossroads there is Holyrood 9A at the start of Hollyrood Rd. Walk back up to Bannerman's and go up the thin street (Niddry St) beside it to find The Banshee Labyrinth, The Globe and Whistle Binkies and back up to The Royal Mile.

There is nothing wrong with sobriety in moderation.
  John Ciardi (1966)

In which ocean is the Saragasso Sea?

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The 3 Sisters is a very large outside and indoor sports bar venue. The entrance from the street is to a large covered outdoor space with a large TV screen. There are beer and hot snacks serving counters down the sides and at the far end is the entrance to the inside area. This is a large low ceilinged long room. There is an L-shaped bar on the left hand wall. Seating is along to the left opposite one of the legs of the counter and opposite the counter to the right. Walking beyond the bar counter, towards the back of the room, there is a lot more seating at the sides of this area then another bar along the back wall.
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Bitter/Heavy: Deuchers (£4.35); Caledonia Best; Golden Ale (Guinness)
Lager: Tennents; Heverlee; Hop House 13; Innes & Gunn
Cider: Magners Guinness

Bannerman’s Bar is a bar and live music venue (6 nights a week). Entrance takes you to the front bar. The servery also serves a large back bar entered via a passage to the left of front bar. Also to left of front bar is entrance to vault room with pool and beyond that a performing area.
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Real ale: Fair Maid (inveralmond); Deuchars; Doombar
Heavy: McEwan Red; Caledonia Best
Lager: Calton Gold; 1664; Carling; Tennents
Cider: Strongbow

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Club 50 is part of Smart City Hostels

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Craft: Octoberfest (West)
Lager: Stella; Bud; St
Cider: Strongbow Guinness

Holyrood 9A is a large gourmet burger pub selling lots of craft beers and real ales. It has several different room areas. Three qaurter height wood panelling around walls and pillars with pictures above.
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Craft: William's Draught; Tempest Long Cloud; Black Isle Red Kite; Fyne Ales Jarl; ; Blue Moon; Chiefeton IPA plus rotating

Lager: Peroni; Schiehallion; Sharp's Cornish Pilsner; Urquell pilsner

Cider: Sharp's Orchard

The Banshee Labyrinth, The Globe and Whistlebinkies are not opened during the afternoon

The Banshee Labyrinth nightclub claims to be Scotalnd's most haunted pub and is open from 7pm to 3am

The Globe claims to be a sports and backpacker's pub and is open all day

Whistlebinkies is a live music bar with bands playing from 5pm.

The Globe is a sports bar in the centre of town aiming at student and backpacker clientel. Bar counter is round to the right and runs along the street wall. Opposite bar are two long tunnel rooms with large TVs at the end - like a small private curved ceiling cinema

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Bitter/Heavy: Caledonia Best
Lager: Stella; Carlsberg; Carling; Tennents; Coors

Whistle Binkies is a live music venue. opening in the evening and running till 3am. Good sized bar opposite entrance. with plenty of seating and variety of table sizes. Down to left from bar is a large standing area and the performing stage.
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Real ale: Edinburgh Castle; Deuchers; Bellhaven IPA; Red Cullin; Scary Man (Longman)
Craft Ale: Innes & Gunn Lager; Innes & Gunn IPA
Bitter/Heavy: Tetley’s
Lager: Heiniken; Stella; Red Stripe; 3 Hop; Tuburg;
Carlsberg; Hop House 13; Brooklyn
Cider: Somersby Guinness

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