Edinburgh - Bread St

Trail 4 Bread St - Linking Lothian Road to Grassmarket

This tour of the pubs (marked with the blue indication points on the map) starts on Lothian Rd.

This trail can be started at various points on some of the other trails.
(a) The five pubs at the end of Princess St which start the West End trail and end trail 2 from Haymarket can be used to start this one before travelling up Lothian Rd
(b) Half way through trail 2 from Haymarket, after Lebowski's, you can turn up Lothian Rd rather than down it. This misses out the first three pubs described here which also appear on trail 2.

Walk up the left hand side of Lothian Rd from Princess St and after crossing to small streets start at The Red Squirrell and just a bit further and before the Usher hall, is The Shakespeare. Opposite this in the corner of a modern Square in front of the Sheraton Hotel there is All Bar One. Further up, back on the left hand side (or joining from Lebowski's) you cross Bread St and walk on to The Hanging Bat.

You now walk back down past (or back into The Hanging Bat) and turn right to walk along Bread St.  Going along Bread St on the right you encounter The Chanter and next door to this is Monboddo. Across the street going down to the left is The Footlights and opposite this is The Blue Blazer. Continue along Bread St and discover that the two pubs on the next corner, Burke & hare and The Western Bar are actually lap/pole dancing clubs. Continue down the main Rd, now called West Port and discover The Dragonfly Cocktail Bar on the right and a little further down is W.J Christie and Son (called The Grassmarket in trail 3). The trail now joins trail 3 - The Grassmarket

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Drink and Music

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Cocktails at Eight

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Red Squirrel is bar/cafe diner on Lothian Road with small tables and some bar stools. Attractively presented it has beer fonts coming out of back wall. Expensive. Food sereved all day

Have one here
real ale : Jarl, Cock of the Walk,
heavy : Bellhaven Best, Joker IPA, Hardcore Pale Ale,
  Innis & Gunn
lager :Black Isle Organic, San Miguel, Urquell, St Mungos,
  Peroni, Tennents, Blue Moon, Weihenstephen
 cider : Aspall Guiness, Black Ball Stout

Shakespeares is a corner pub, it's frontage is short but it goes back a fair bit and has outside seating down the side where it faces the Usher Hall. A long pub that was probably two seperate rooms at some point. This still splits into two serving areas. The rear area has 12 foot screen for sports. Food sereved all day

Have a pint here

real ale : Tiger (Everards), Lia Fail, Autumn Envy (Stonehenge) heavy : John Smith, MeEwan's 70/-
lager :Tennent's, Stella, 1664,
cider : Strongbow, 1st Quality Guinness

All Bar One  is a large modern barn. Bar straight in front with large standing area. Seating to either side and outside.

Have half pint here
real ale : Natural Blonde (Harviston)
  Ruthaus Wheat Beer
lager : Esterella,Tennents, Stella, Peroni, Grolsch, Amstel
  Heiniken, Pilsner Urquell
 cider :Aspall Guinness

The Hanging Bat - only in Edinburgh would a pub serve 2/3rds rather than a pint. However it is a nice pub with half a dozen real ales and 14 interesting keg beers. There is seating upstairs and down stairs from main bar area

Have a couple of two-thirds of a pint here

real ale : lots and changing fast eg Alchemy; Buxton; Hawkheads 7; Buxton Bitter; Arbor

Keg :14 different craft beers

The Chanter has a large glass frontage showing the width of a large bar area which goes back further at the left. L-shaped bar serves a variety of seating. Bar food is an important part of its attraction.

Have a pint here

real ale : Inkie Pinkie; Game Bird; Hop Scotch; Barney’s (Edinburgh);
heavy : John Smith
lager :Becks; Stella; Tennent’s
cider : Magners Golden Guinness

Monboddo is the bar for the Point Hotel. It is large and bright. Full of comfortable seating. Many chairs and couches are high-sided to offer intimacy.

Have a half pint here

real ale : nil
heavy :
lager :Tennent’s ; Stella,
cider : Gaymers Guinness

A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.
a Czech Proverb

Cabinet Office Briefing Room (usually room A)

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