Edinburgh - Beyond The Grassmarket

Trail 5 Beyond The Grassmarket

This tour of the pubs starts after trail 3 has left The Grassmarket or, alternatively, it can be started at the top of the Royal Mile, but not go down it. (purple icons)

At the top of the Royal Mile thwere is a roundabout leading off the Royal Mile to Johnston Terrace which has The Castle Arms pub. Exit this pub from its downstairs door onto a balcony which overlooks The Bow Bar. Walk along the bacony and down a flight of stairs to West Bow to reach THe Bow Bar. Leaving here walk down hill and go round to the left rather than join The Grassmarket Trail.
Going round to the left you see Bar Salsa across the street. After here walk up the hill towards the Candlemarket. This takes you past a corner pub Oz Bar After Oz Bar continue walking up the hill to find the Greyfriars Bobby bar. Continue up this road keeping to the right to go round the corner and as you walk along find, on a corner, the small but nice, Sandy Bell's. Across the road from here is Malone's. then walk on to the next corner where there is The Doctors.
Continue round the corner at The Docurors and walk down the street, crossing at Bristo Place, and at the next corner are Boteco Do Brazil and Paradise Palms.
Return to Bristo Place and turn right along it and this will take you back past Greyfriars Bobby. Crossing the road just beyond the statue is a church converted to Frankenstein's and then cross the road for George IV Bar by the bridge part of the road.

Which British king reigned the longest?


I am on a whisky diet. I've lost three days already

Tommy Cooper

Drink and Music

Robin Laing
Speyside Whisky Song

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The Castle Arms is a large busy bar offering food and good beer. Although an old pub the layout and decor have a modern feel. It has an attractive downstairs outside area on a terrace.
Featured in Bob Steel's Edinburgh Pub Walks
Have a pint here
real ale : Deuchers, Pumpkin Ale, Edinburgh No3, Copper Cascade (all Stewarts)
heavy : Bellhaven Best
lager :Stella, Tennent’s, Lieff, Carling,
cider : Magners; Stowford Press Guinness

The Bow Bar is a one roomed drinking bar. bar at back right. Seating at front windows and left hand side. Entertainment is talking as there is no Tv or music. Lots of malts
Featured in Bob Steel's Edinburgh Pub Walks
Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) 2016
Have half pint here
real ale : No3 (Llowhammer); Pentland; Edinburgh Pale Ale;
October Zest; Muldoon Octoberfest;
Grapevine Tryst (Fallen Brewery)
heavy : Bellhaven Best; Joker IPA
lager : Fustenberg
 cider Guinness

More Edinburgh pub trails

Bar Salsa is another a small one roomed pub with little to attract it except very cheap drink. These prices are not Edinburgh prices. There is nothing remotely dance like or South American in here. Not very welcoming, not attractive - you get what you don't pay for.
Outside seating by road.

A must for a half pint
heavy :Bellhaven Best
lager :Tennent’s; Carlsberg
cider : Magners Guinness

Oz Bar - Australian of course. Wooden tables, floor, seats etc. Lots of seating and lots of standing area. Pool is very popular. Actually has some Australia product. A poular and friendly venue.
Have a half pint here

heavy : Bellhaven Best
lager :Carlsberg; Staroperamen; Tennent’s
cider : Somerset Cider Guinness


Greyfrair's Bobby is part of the Nicolson's chain. Bar is staright in the door and has some seating for those waiting for a meal - up few steps to the dining area. Small seating area for drinkers to the right. Not a lot of room for standing at the bar for any length of time. Seating outside on large pavement area
Have a pint here

real ale : Deuchers; dragonhead; Nicolson’s Pale Ale; Viking Ale
(Loch Lomond); Propecy (Bath)
heavy :
lager :San Miguel; Tennent’s; Peroni; Carling;
cider : Aspinal Guinness

Sandy Bell's is small and narrow bar partially split intwo by small screen and archway.. Very traditional old pub. A centre for Folk music in Edinburgh. Can get busy but service is always good.
Featured in Bob Steel's Edinburgh Pub Walks
One of Scotland's Heritage pubs - CAMRA
Have one here
real ale : Bitter & Twisted; Red MacGregor; Ossian
heavy : Caledonian Best; McEwan’s Export
lager :Tennent’s; Bud
cider : Addlestone Cloudy Guinness

Malones is an obviously Irish pub with the usual irish decor. It set in an old church which makes a good and large music venue. Live music most nights.
The bar has a dormitory hostel above it.
Have a pint here

heavy :Bellhaven Best;; Deuchers
lager :Bud; Tennent’s; Starp... Heiniken; Innes & Gunn Lager beer
cider :Magners Guinness

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