Edinburgh - Around Waverley Station

Trail 9 - Around Waverley Station

This tour of the pubs (marked with the light purple indication points on the map) starts at Waverley Station
Come out of Waverley Station and head for the samll side exit towards the Royal Mile rather than the busier exit to Princes St.

Opposite the exit and acrosss the raid is a flight of stair which which lead up towards the old town. At the first landing is Half Way House (though it is actually closer to the start) further up the stairs is Jinglin' Geordie. From here continue up the stairs and at the top turn left and walk towards The Royal Mile. Before you get there you will find the Scotsman's Lounge.
You may be tempted to visit The Albanach at the corner opposite on The Royal Mile. However, the trail actually now goes back down hill, past the stairs, and as the road curves round there is The Malt Shovel. After here follow the curve right round and along the street to The Hebrides and walking past The Doric next door, slightly further along is Belushi's. Now return to The Doric.
Now cross the road and make your way to the round about you passed after The Malt Shovel. Turn to the right here and walk up Waverley Bridge to Princes Street. On the right is The Booking Office.
leaving here continue up to and turn right into Princes Street. Cross over and walk along to turn up second on the left opposite The Balmoral Hotel.
Up this slight incline is on the opposite corner is The Guildford Arms. Going down the small pavement at the right of it will take you to The Cafe Royal at the next corner.
retracing your steps to Princes street will return you to Waverley Station


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Drink and Music

Deaf School -
Cocktails at Eight

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Half Way House is further down the stairs from the royal Mile situated in the corner of a landing. It is a very small bar with the triangular serving area to the left. 4 large bar stools and 7 small round tables make moving awkward or the making of a friend compulsory.
Low ceiling and crowdedness makes it a pleasant wee bar.
No. 29 in The Rough Pub Guide
Have a pint here
Real ale: Carte Blanche (Kelburn) Chocworkorange
(Alchemy); Extra Pale Ale (Alchemy); Sunshine on
Lieth (Spey Valley)
Bitter/Heavy: Caledonia Best
Lager: Tennent’s; Stella
Cider: Addlestone Guinness

Jinglin' Geordie is found half way down a long flight of stairs leading from the Royal Mile. It has a longish curved copper bar counter on most of the wall opposite the entrance. bar stools are arranged along the bar. The far end of the room, beyond the bar has banquette seating in two large booths. the usual dark brown wood finish. Natural light is reduced by the windows at the far end being stained glass.
Have a pint here
Real ale: Deuchers; Frankenstein (Greene King); Bridge to Nowhere (Bellhaven)
Craft Ale: Coast To Coast
Bitter/Heavy: Bellhaven best
Lager: Carling; Heiniken; Tennent’s

The Scotsman’s Lounge is a one roomed bar with a small rectangular servery coming out from wall opposite the door. Stools around the three sides of the counter. There are barrel tables and seating around the sides around sides. No bad thing - a very basic bar, perhaps stretching the definition of lounge.
Have a pint here
Bitter/Heavy: Deuchers; Bellhaven Best
Lager: 3 Hop; Tennent’s; Carlsberg

The Malt Shovel is a Bellhaven bar and food place on the corner of a hill leading down from The Royal Mile. The steepness of the hill means that the bar has three interconnected rooms on two levels. The bar counter is in the lowest room positioned on the left hand wall. Careful going in the lowest door as it immediately brings you to steps up so that the first two rooms can be on the same level. There is entry to the middle area on either side of a central partition then steps up to the higher area. Most tables are at dining height, some for four and some small round tables. There are some tall tables opposite the counter. The decor is varnished brown wood with old pictures and large mirrors filling the walls. There is outside seating following the corner round.
Have a pint here.
Real ale: Pivo Estivo (Kelburn; £4.25); Dark Dunter
(Broughton) : Oktoberfest (Milestone) Teuchter
Craft Ale: Ceasar Augustus
Lager: Heiniken; St MungoSchielhallion; Spaten;
Bellhaven Saltire
Cider : Aspall Guinness

A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.
a Czech Proverb


The Hebrides

A one roomed bar with a genuinely old feel. there is some seating by window at the entrance then the small bar counter is on the left hand wall. there are four stools by the bar making the room narrow at this point. Beyond the bar counter the space opens up at the back where there are six small tables. The bar has a low ceiling and a well worn wood interior.
have a pint here.
Real ale: Deuchers; Dark Island
Bitter/Heavy: Bellhaven Best
Lager: Stella; Tennent’s; Carling

Belushi's is a pleasant narrow sports bar situated below a hostel. The small bar counter is in the middle of the pub with seating to the left. Tall tables line the windows. Right of the bar is also a booth for seating and a doorway to the hostel. TVs allow sports to be shown.
have a half pint
Bitter/Heavy: Deuchers;
Lager: Tennent’s; Fosters; Amstel; Heiniken, 1664
Cider: Strongbow Guinness

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