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The Commercial Lounge and Bar actually has only the one room. This is mainly bar but has a curved ‘lounge’ booth alongside the pool table. A busy bar with a counter taking up the back wall. A packed bar on a cold afternoon.  Sky sports

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Heavy:   Tartan; John Smiths;  McEwan’s Red; Caledonia Best

Lager:     Fosters; Tennent’s

Cider:   Magners; Strongbow              Guinness

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It does not matter if your glass is half full or half empty if you have plenty of glasses.

Dunoon is a town of about 13,000 souls situated on the firth of Clyde, on the Cowal peninsula, opposite the port of Gourock.  

Attractions include, the local museum,  Castle House Museum and Benmore Botanic Gardens. Every year, on the last weekend in August, Dunoon hosts the world famous Cowal Gathering Highland Games.

The pub trail of Dunoon depends on which ferries are used. Therefore, here is a circular route which starts at the Marine for a Western Ferry arrival or The Brewery for an Argyll Ferry arrival at Dunoon pier. Either route plans for a departure on Argyll Ferries from Dunoon pier.  Since The Royal Marine is half an hour out of town, 20 minutes from nearest other bar, then a trip landing via Argyll Ferries may well mean that the scenic and sobering walk, to The Royal Marine is missed off of the trail. This is a shame as it is worth a visit.  


Arriving by train and getting a local McGill’s bus from outside Gourock train station allows a foot passenger to use the distant Western Ferries and to arrive, across the water, at The Royal Marine Hotel at the ferry landing. Leave here and walk in towards Dunoon looking for Queens Rd turning up to the right after the taxi rank (about 20 minutes). Up Queens Rd on the left is The Puffer. Continue up the road to the main road (Argyll St) at the Cooperative supermarket. Turn left down this to, on the right hand side, The Lorne. Further down at the crossroads is The Commercial Bar.

Continue along to turn left at Moir St to visit The Clansman Bar then back up to Argyll St and Sinbads just across the road. Walk on down Argyll St and turn right up Ferry Brae. MacClures is at the start of this and Ingram’s Bar on the next corner. Going further up the hill and turning left will take you to The Victoria Bar which is unfortunately only open at the weekend. Going back down Ferry Brae turn right along Argyll St to The Crown (was The Brewery)and across the street from it The Argyll Hotel.  The ferry terminal is straight on from here.

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The Royal Marine Hotel has two bars, one in the main portion of the hotel and the other, Ghillies Cafe Bar which has upstairs and downstairs drinking/eating areas, through a door at the far right of building. The hotel bar is through to the left from the entrance.  It is a large room with a bar counter on the left of the back wall. The room has seven square dining tables well spaced out, a large real fire opposite the bar counter and a sofa in the window alcove. Further through from this room is another similar sized room with a dance floor rather than a bar. The large windows over look the grass area outside and the river beyond.

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Heavy:   Caledonia Best

Lager:     Heverlee; Tennent’s; Craig’s Light Lager (Stag Hotel)

Cider:     Magners            Guinness

The Lorne has two entrances and has closed and re-opened. The left-hand door takes you to a small bar. This is a thin room with the counter on the right. There is a lino floor with some seating on the side wall opposite the bar counter. Darts and the only TV are in the bar. A door connects to the lounge.

The lounge is entered by the right-hand door. This opens to a wooden bar counter in the small left hand room and a larger sitting room to the right. The lounge has padded seating around the side and tables and chairs in the middle. The carpet and furnishing fabrics are all red and the wall colour is light. There is a couple of large mirrors on the far wall. A bit one coloured. Food offered.

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Heavy:    Bellhaven Best

Lager:     Carling; Tennent’s

Cider:     Strongbow     Guinness



Unfortunately, despite information to the contrary, there was no real ale in Dunoon pubs. Indeed the beer choice is quite similar in most pubs.

Not many of the pubs do food.

Most pubs had staff that were friendly and helpful.

On a cold bright afternoon to evening some of the pubs were saving on heating. Were they not busy because of that or is it a case of few customers so little heating.

Almost none have a web page - tourist will need to discover them!


Beverley Hills Swimming Pools is the title of a series of paintings by whom?


The Puffer has two entrance doors which take you to two sides of the same room. A three-sided bar comes out from the middle of the room. The left-hand side has a pool table while the right-hand side has darts and more of the basic table and chair seating. There are stools around the wooden bar and a central gantry. Dark wood, low ceiling and lighting gives an intimate feel.

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Heavy:   Bellhaven Best;  McEwan’s IPA (bottled Arran and Inveralmond beers)

Lager:     Fosters; Tennent’s;  Amstel

Cider:   Strongbow     Guinness

The Clansman Bar entrance takes you to two distinct areas. On the right a small bar counter, curving into the far corner, with stools around it. While to the left is a larger room stretching up to the right. This has a lounge area, with padded seating around the walls and small tables, has a fire in the middle of the wall. There are lots of interesting pictures decorating the whole room and on a cold day it was warm and inviting.

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Heavy:     Caledonia Best

Lager:     Heverlee;  Stella4;  Tennent’s

Cider:      Magners;  Strongbow     Guinness



Lock, stock and barrel

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Leonard Cohen - Closing Time

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