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The Dunblane Hotel has a separate lounge and bar. The lounge is entered by the right-hand door of the building. The lounge has  a nice comfortable feel with friendly locals. The servery, with stools, is in the middle of the far wall of a narrow room. There is seating around the sides to the left of the bar by the entrance. Some tall tables are opposite the bar counter. Beyond the bar is a square room with padded wall seating and tables with chairs where food can be eaten. This room overlooks the river.

The bar can be entered via a corridor from the lounge serving common toilets and entrance to beer garden, or by a door in the side wall of the building. The bar is disappointing and looks unloved compared to the lounge. Back bar was almost bear, bottles missing from sprits gantry and an empty fridge. Both rooms have TVs and dishwasher racks collecting glasses.


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Real ale    :Landlord (two pumps not on) but ONLY in lounge

bitter        : John Smiths,  McEwan's Export

Lager        : Heineken;  Tennent's;  Carling

cider         : Blackthorn                                   Guinness

The Riverside is an open plan restuarant with a really nice bar. Everything is done in wood -floor, bar counter and tables and chairs.From the entrance the bar servery is to the left of the room while tables and seating is in the area to the right which has a log burner in the corner. The terrace overlooking the river can be accessed from here.The servery area has some small tables and chairs along the side wall and a couple of tall tables by the entrance door.

Further through on the right are two rooms set aside for dining on the very good food at reasonable prices.

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Real ale:     : Ca' Canny (replaced with Dark Moor) both Kelburn;  Deuchers;  Haggis Hunter (Harviestoun) 

bitter          : Caledonian 80/-;

Lager         : Schiehallion;  Amstel;  1664;  Birra Moretti

The Village Inn has three rooms. The main bar area is at the entrance. This has a bar with some stools, standing room and two tall tables. Up, four steps to the left, is a room with  several booths along the outside wall and some tables and chairs in the middle. Along to the right of the bar is a passage to another room with several booths, tables & chairs, pool and darts. All areas have a TV.

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Real ale:     two pumps but both off

bitter          Bellhaven Best

Lager        :Bellhaven Craft Pilsner; Stella;  Tennent's

cider          : Strongbow                                   Guinness

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Candy is dandy,.

But liquer is quicker.


Ogden Nash, Reflection on Ice Breaking

Dunblane is a small 'city', as it has a cathedral, with a population of just over 8,000. It is found just off of the M9 between Stirling and Perth.

It is famous as the home town of Andy and Jamie Murray of tennis fame.

Tappit Hen is a one roomed pub. The bar servery is to the right of the room and padded bench seating is around the rest of the room.and into thye middle.

It is a short trail so have a couple here

Real ale         : Lia Fail (Inveralmond);  Moorland original Bitter; Abbot;  Blonde Bombshell and Killellan (both Houston)

bitter/heavy    : Bellhaven Best

Lager             : Stella;  Tennent's;  Carling

Cider              : Strongbow                               Guinness


The Isle of Man is associated with what motorsport event?


Dunblane can be reached by train easily. Trains to and from Aberdeen from both Edinburgh and Glasgow pass through it


There are only a few drinking establishments. Two right beside the station and two further along.


Beside the station are The Village Inn and The Dunblane Hotel. Walking past these and across a bridge is The Riverside. Then walk up the town towards the Cathedral and, there, opposite the Cathedral is The Tappit Hen. Also, opposite the Cathedral is The Old Churches Hotel which has a small bar associated with its Brasserie.

All were visited on the same evening and Tappit Hen was packed while the none of the rest even reached double figures in customers


Frad Astair and Ginger Rogers


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Little Big Town -

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Old Churches Hotel has a small bar associated with the Brasserie.


Only Heineken on a pump but sells Innes and Gunn and Inveralmond beers by the bottle