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TRAIL 1 North-South continued. 12 pubs (or 9 if skipping Macro,  Trents and The Ship - more restaurant  than bar and no real ale)


Strictly speaking we are now going out of the centre but these next two pubs are worth visiting, and they are not far.

Turn left and make your way around the roundabout taking St Paul’s Rd to find The Rainbow Inn on the right hand side. Leaving here walk back to the roundabout and continue round by going through St Paul’s church (it’s safer). Once on the other side walk up Broyle Rd to The Bell Inn. Return to the roundabout and use the underpass to reach North Rd again. Walk up towards the cross and find The George and Dragon and then The Ship Hotel.

There is now a walk back to South St and half way down this on your left is Trents. Crossing over and continuing to station there is The Chantry (was The Slug and Lettuce) and then to The Foundry (was The Globe Inn) at the station.


The George and Dragon is a modernised bar offering ale, restaurant and bed and breakfast. There is a small L-shaped bar at the front of the pub. Some sofas to the left of bar with large main seating area to the right. This becomes a dining at the rear left and this, in turn, opens to an outside terrace.

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Real ale      :Landlord;  Deauchers;  Sussex Gold (Arundel); Doombar

bitter:           : London Pride

lager:          : Peroni;  Stella; Becks; Esterella

Cider:          :Thatchers valley; Aspall           Guinness      

The Ship Hotel is a boutique hotel and restaurant.  It is in a Georgian building. The bar is to the left of the entrance. Comfy seating is available at the start of the room with windows overlooking the street. As the bar curves to the right there are bar stools and high tables. Beyond the bar is the large dining area

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bitter:          London Pride

lager:          Peroni;  Carlsberg

Cider:          Aspall                

Slug and Lettuce is part of a 70+ national chain. It is a corner bar with full sized windows to front and partly up side. Tall tables to the front;  dining tables to rear and sofas along the side opposite the bar.

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Lager           :Stella; Brahma; Amstel; Peroni; Carling

Cider           :Magners   Guinness


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Chichester pubs are not dominated by any particular brewery. There is a fair share of free houses.


Almost all pubs offer food at lunch and most also do evening meals. There are a couple who are probably more restaurant than bar.


Several also offer city centre accommodation from Bed and Breakfast to actual Hotel.






There are two trails described for Chichester. The city has a distinct centre and four roads leading from it – North St, South St, West St and East St. The pubs are mainly grouped at the end of these four streets. Thus, crawl one will take in the North axis while trail 2 will be the East-West route. The trails will each be designed to start at the train or bus station and visit pubs going from and coming back to the station.

The Rainbow Inn no longer has separate rooms but has a long bar with seating to the left side. To the right there is another room where food can also be served. There is music on Fridays.

Across the roundabout prices drop around 50p

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Real ale      :Copper Hop (Long Man); Dark Star; Force Four (Isle of Purbeck)

Bitter          : John Smith

lager:          :Fosters; 1664; Crafty Blond

The Bell Inn is the closest pub to the Chichester Theatre. As such it can stay open late, although no new customers allowed after 12pm. The main bar is to the right, while a dining area is to the left.  Atractive traditional pub decor of beams and brasses. Outside seating is beyond the dining area. Closed 2.30-5.00

Landlord is happy to talk beer and pubs.

A map on the wall shows the (many more) pubs in Chichester in 1962.

Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) before but not 2021

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Real ale       :Pride of Pendle (Moorhouse);  Green Bullet; Wherry (Woodforde)

Bitter           : John Smith

Lager           :Carlsberg; 1664; Fosters

Cider           :Strongbow   Guinness

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Trents is a restaurant with a small bar. There is however more informal seating on the heated back terrace.

Trents is also a five bed roomed hotel. As well as the restaurant bar there is the Shed Bar.

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Bitter           : Greene King IPA

Lager           :Peroni; Leffe; Becks; Carling; 1664

Cider           :Aspall Guinness

The Globe Inn is a large sports bar on the corner opposite the station (even has screen with train details). The bar is open plan but sectioned off by half walls and raised areas. There are 4 pool tables and 17 TVs of various sizes. The area to the right of entrance has sofa seating and low tables. Lots of different football scarves attached to the walls.

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Real ale       : Doombar

Bitter           : John Smith

Lager           :Peroni;  Carling; Fosters; Carlsberg; Stella

Cider           :Stowford Press   Guinness

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The Chichester Harbour Hotel

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