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Chichester   Nth-Sth   1/2



TRAIL 1 North-South  12 pubs (or 9 if skipping Macro,  Trents and The Ship -they are more restaurant  than bar and no real ale)


On the corner beside the railway station is The Globe Inn –drink here first because you have been travelling or last because it has a screen showing up to date train departures! Let’s leave it till last.

Walk up towards the town centre. Once across the traffic lights there is The Vestry. Continue on passing the Slug and Lettuce and enter The Fountain. Drag yourself away and walk straight up to Chichester Cross  and through to North St. While still on the pedestrian area you will find The Old Cross on the right. Turn right at the next road and go down St Peters side street to The Park Tavern.  Walk around The Park Tavern and priory Rd/Ln will take you back to North St. Continue on towards the roundabout which has Marcos standing on it.

Strictly speaking we are now going out of the centre but these next two pubs are worth visiting, and they are not far.

Turn left and make your way around the roundabout taking St Paul’s Rd to find The Rainbow Inn on the right hand side. Leaving here walk back to the roundabout and continue round by going through St Paul’s church (it’s safer). Once on the other side walk up Broyle Rd to The Bell Inn. Return to the roundabout and use the underpass to reach North Rd again. Walk up towards the cross and find The George and Dragon and then The Ship Hotel.

There is now a walk back to South St and half way down this on your left is Trents. Crossing over and continuing to station there is The Slug and Lettuce and then to The Globe Inn at the station.

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The Old Cross is a pub/diner. It has a centre bar serving three sides of a large open plan room. This has booths and split into sections by half walls. There are several outside tables in the pedestrian area (so no car fumes).


Real ale       : Directors; Greene King IPA Gold; Black Sheep

Bitter           : John Smith

Lager           : Carlsberg;  1664; Fosters

Cider           : Aspall   Guinness

The Park Tavern has outside seating on pavement overlooking a large park. Inside there is a bar in the centre of room with seating on either side. Through to the right is a dining area. Stitch and Bitch on a Monday; Quiz on Tuesday.

Have two pints here.


Real ale       :Finests (Hydes); London Pride; Seafarers (Gayle/Fullers); HSN (Gayle/Fullers)

Lager          :1664; Fosters; Frontier Craft Lager (Fullers)

Cider           :Strongbow; Aspall Guinness

Marco is more of a restaurant than a bar. However, there are places for just drinking.  It does offer bar stools at the bar and some seating close by. There are also tables outside the main door and a back terrace.

Have a half pint


lager:          Grolsch; Carling; Coors Light

Cider:          Thatchers



Chichester pubs are not dominated by any particular brewery. There is a fair share of free houses.


Almost all pubs offer food at lunch and most also do evening meals. There are a couple which are probably more restaurant than bar.


Many also offer city centre accommodation from Bed and Breakfast to actual Hotel.



There are two trails described for Chichester. The city has a distinct centre and four roads leading from it – North St, South St, West St and East St. The pubs are mainly grouped at the end of these four streets. Thus, crawl one will take in the North-South axis while trail 2 will be the East-West route. The trails will each be designed to start at the train or bus station and visit pubs going from and coming back to these.

The Vestry is a large cave of a place offering a variety of seating in several sectioned off areas. It has hotel accommodation and offers food from 7am to 3pm. Most evenings have music entertainment.

Have a half pint here.


Bitter           :American Pale Ale (Long Man); John Smith

Lager          :Fosters; 1664;  Carling;  Amstel; Heineken

Cider          :Strongbow; Symonds                             Guinness

The Fountain pub (Hall and Woodhouse) is over 100 years old. It has outside seating down the side and three rooms. Two of the rooms are served by the same bar. The main entrance takes you to the top bar (2nd picture). Through a door and down a step is the middle room with a larger bar (3rd picture) and door to the outside seating(4th). Through from the middle room is more formal table and chair seating.

Food is served throughout the day. The pub offers wi-fi and real fires.

Good Pub Guide 2013

Have two pints here


Real ale       : First Call; Tanglefoot; Hopeful Hop (all Badger); Sussex Bitter

Bitter           : John Smith

Lager           :Peroni; 1664; Fosters

Cider           :Stowford Press   Guinness

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“Lady Nancy Astor: Winston, if you were my husband, I'd poison your tea.

Churchill: Nancy, if I were your husband, I'd drink it

Drink and Music


Tom Waits

The Piano has been drinking

Chichester is a Cathedral city with a population of only 24,000. Chichester is on the south coast of England in West Sussex.

It is easily accessed by train, bus and road via the A27. In the centre of the town is Chichester Cross, built as a covered butter cross is now a two-stories. From the cross four roads (East, South, West and North) go of at right angles. At the intersection of South and West Streets stands Chichester Cathedral (11th century) with the shrine of Saint Richard.

Places to visit include The Pallant House Gallery containing modern British art and The Chichester Festival Theatre

Close by are Brighton and Portsmouth

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