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Chester is a city in North west England close to the Welsh border. It has excellent transport links. By road the M53 and M56 run close by. It has an impressive train station and is easily accessed by bus; many bus tourist trips also visit Chester. It is even accessible by canal as the Shropshire Union canal runs through the city.

Chester still has the city walls from medieval times. This is the most complete set of city walls in Britain and a walk around the walls covers nearly 2 miles. Inside the city walls is a thriving city centre of shops, pubs, restaurants and cafes. Several streets have' Rows'. That is a lower level of shops (some below street level) then a walkway on top of these shops which serve another row of shops.  

the city also has a Cathedral and bit of a castle within its walls. Outside the walls there is the Chester racecourse and Chester Zoo.

There are also many attractions to visit outside of the city.



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There are 5 Chester PubTrails available on this site.


The canal trail (2) is the closest to the train station. However, the walk from the station to any of the trails is not long, it just means you may pass lots of pubs to get to a particular trail. Trail 3 and 4 start at Chester Cross and trails 1 and 5 start near the Amphitheatre. Trail 4 and 1 could easily meet. This means that trails can be expanded easily or mix and matched.

Trails have 10 to 13 pubs. This does not mean all pubs have to be visited (it is not a u-tube challenge) however, it does give flexibility. You can miss out pubs with no real ale or which are cocktail joints or old men's pubs or that are too busy or close together.


1.  Bridgegate and the river (black icons)  Excellent dog friendly trail

This trail takes in 11 or 12 pubs, 5 of which are across the river. Several of the pubs are outstanding and 7 are starred. This is a pleasant evening trail with a lot of variety. It starts at the Amphitheatre  or Old Dee Bridge.


2.  Along the canal (green icons)

Most of these pubs are close to the canal and easily accessed from it, rather than on the actual canal. Chester is a city and does not do quaint countryside canal pubs. Several of the pubs have appeared as the canal area is regenerated. This trail has a mixture of the old and the new. This is a long slow trail of 10 pubs, 5 of which are starred, Lunch or dinner should be factored in with The Old Harkers Arms excellent for food.


3. Northgate Street (Dark Red Icons)

This trail travels down one of the main roads crossing the city. It goes to the centre of the city where it meets Watergate street famous for its 'Rows' -  shops with another street of shops on top of them. The trail has 13 pubs, 5 of which are starred. There are some old pubs on this trail which passes the Town Hall and the Cathedral. Some of these pubs exist in groups next door to each other which, unfortunately, reduces the walk between them to mere steps. The closeness of the pubs means that this trail needs to be taken slowly.


4.  Around Chester Cross (purple icons)

This trail has 10+ pubs with six of them starred. It is a gentle walk along a busy street.


5. The Amphitheatre plus (Yellow Icons)

This trail covers a selection of 12 (three starred) pubs starting close to the amphitheatre.


Chester and South Clwyd CAMRA website.

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Scotch and Soda

Chester was one of The Times' top 30 best places to retire to in Britain  in 2013 and in one of the best cities to live in 2014

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CHESTER pub info


Male bar staff in Chester call customers “buddy” !

Inevitably in a city of wide variety of pubs there were several that had shiny keg dispensers but with no identification to what was served – ask or find a sign somewhere on the wall (hopefully) – culprits were The Botanist, The Alchemist , Bar Lounge

There were several series cocktail places; The Alchemist and The Botanist were both making use of fancy chemistry set glassware and CO2 smoke.

Several craft ale places with prices reflecting the style on offer include Beer Heroes, Common Street Social and The Botanist, and The Cavern of the Curious Gnome with better prices and real ale.

Cheapest prices were the Sam Smiths pubs; The Falcon and Ye Olde Boot, and of course The Square Bottle (Wetherspoons). Ye Olde Custom House is worth checking out.

Brewing pubs included The Pied Bull, Brewhouse & Kitchen and The Brewery Tap.

Best dog friendly pubs

Sherlock says some of the best pubs for dogs were –Old Harkers Arms, The Handbridge, The Ship Inn, Carlton Tavern Red Lion in Handbridge, The Albion,  Pied Bull, The Cross Keys, Bear and Billet and Botanist. Many had dog treats available. The Cellar and The Cornerhouse are worth a visit.

trail 1:Bridgegate & the river trail 2: along the canal trail 3:Northgate Street trail 4:Around Chester cross trail 5:Amphitheatre plus