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Chester is a city in North west England close to the Welsh border. It has excellent transport links. By road the M53 and M56 run close by. It has an impressive train station and is easily accessed by bus; many bus tourist trips also visit Chester. It is even accessable by canal as the Shropshire Union canal runs through the city.
Chester still has the city walls from medieval times. This is the most complete set of walls in Britain. The wall is almost complete so that a walk around the walls covers nearly 2 miles. Inside the city walls several streets have Rows. The Rows have a lower level of shops (some below street level) then a walkway on top of these shops which serve another row of shops. Many pubs are on this second floor of shops.

Most Chester pubs serve real ale and there is a lot of choice available including from several local breweries. Many pubs compete for impresing you with how old they are and there is a lot of black and white beams.
The city centre pubs usually serve food and during the daytime many are food places serving beer.
There are 4 Chester trails available on this site.
1. Bridgegate and the river (7 pubs)
2. Along the canal - outside the city walls
3. Northgate street (10 pubs)- start
4. Around Grosvenor St - (8 pubs)


The phrase a `green-eyed monster` originated in which Shakespeare play?


I drink no more than a sponge.

Francois Rabelais

The trail continues to the end of the street where a left turn takes you to the rows. Ye Old Boot Inn is up on the row.
Leaving here and moving back up past Northgate St The Victoria is also on the row above. Going out the Victoria's rear entrance to its courtyard there is The Commercial Hotel sharing the same courtyard space. After here go back past the Victoria and it there is a small alley taking you to the Amber Lounge. The Amber Lounge can also be accessed on the Row next door to The Victoria.

Photo crop
Photo crop

Ye Old Boot Inn is up on one of the Rows. It has a definate old pub feel. There is very little natural light and the dark wood interior keeps it dark Room is light by bright lights. Little chairs opposite bar gives it an old boozer feel. There is a back vault. Good cheap beer in atmospheric surroundings.
Good Pub Guide 2013
Have one here

real ale : Samuel Smiths Old Brewery Bitter
Bitter : Soverign
lager :Taddy lager, Alpine, Original organic
cider : Cheddar Valley Extra stout

Photo crop
Photo crop

The Victoria has a round bar serving different small comfortable drinking areas. A room further back leads to outside courtyard (below).
Serves good food

Have a half pint here

real ale : Deauchers; Flying Sciotsman; Theakstons
bitter : John Smith
lager :Fosters; Amstel
cider : Strongbow Guinness

Photo crop

Early eveing drinks in The Victoria; dancing in Commercial Hotel and chilling in Amber Lounge

The shared yard - The Victoria as seen from Commercial Hotel. Amber lounge accessed via far right corner.

Photo crop
Photo crop

Commercial Hotel has lots of rooms and upstairs cocktail bar. Rooms are sparse - standing/ talking/dancing with occassional table for resting glass on. Is a hotel but also late night music and partying.
Have a pint here
real ale : Bombadier, Cheshire cat
lager :Harrison's; Kirin Ichiban ; Estrella

Photo crop
Photo crop

Amber Lounge pleasent old bar which has been modernised stylishly. (Beams are no longer black)
Good for food and late night drinks
Have a pint or two here
bitter :John Smiths
lager :Fosters, Amstel, tiger
cider : Cheddar Valley Guinness

Photo crop

You can actually get to The Commercial Hotel yard by leaving The Dublin Packet and continuing down Northgate St then turning up this alley. If you reach the Rows you missed it!


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