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Chester is a city in North west England close to the Welsh border. It has excellent transport links. By road the M53 and M56 run close by. It has an impressive train station and is easily accessed by bus; many bus tourist trips also visit Chester. It is even accessable by canal as the Shropshire Union canal runs through the city.
Chester still has the city walls from medieval times. This is the most complete set of walls in Britain. It is almost complete and a walk around the walls covers nearly 2 miles. Inside the city walls several streets have Rows. That is a lower level of shops (some below street level) then a walkway on top of these shops which serve another row of shops.

Drink and Music

Jerry Lee Lewis -
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Crossing over City Rd from The Compass and walking bach to the canal there is The Cellar (an evening venue) and No 29 at the Eaton Hotel.
Cross back over and decend the stair to the canal. Tempting as it is to visit The Old Harkers Arms again, you should walk under the bridge to find the Canalside Inn.
Continue along the canal until the next bridge. Turn to the right, going over the canal and discover the Union Vaults on the next corner. Leaving the UV turn along the street going left parallel to the canal and come across The Mill Hotel.
Now walk along the side of the canal. You will see THe Lock Keeper on the otherside so cross over at the next bridge. Just before you reach The Lock Keeper you will see the Oddfellows Arms on the corner. Now visit The Lock Keeper.
You can walk back to City Road along the canal.

Most Chester pubs serve real ale and there is a lot of choice available including from several local breweries. Many pubs compete for impresing you with how old they are and there is a lot of black and white beams.
The city centre pubs usually serve food and during the daytime many are food places serving beer.
There are 4 Chester trails available on this site.
1. Bridgegate and the river (7 pubs) - see below
2. Along the canal - outside the city walls
3. Northgate street - (10 pubs)
4. Around Grosvenor St - (8 pubs)

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No 29 -Eaton Hotel is a very small yet attractive pub attached to Eaton Hotel. The Canalside Inn & Grill on the canal (next stop) is part of this complex

Have half pint here

real ale : Golden Glow (Swifts) - not on
bitter :John Smiths
lager :1664, Carling
cider : Strongbow Guinness

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Canalside Inn & Grill is the downstairs lounge/restuarant of Eaton Hotel. It has an outsdie walled area as well as seats on the canal side. Large room with a variety of heights of tables. The bar is at far end and has a few steps going up to it. (Careful going down with drinks). Quite dark inside.Very quiet.
Have a pint here CLOSED

real ale : Jade, Styria, Joseph Williamson, Bierhead (all from Liverpool Organic Brewery)
heavy : John Smith,
lager :Amstel, Fosters, 1664, heiniken
cider : Strongbow

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Union Vaults is an old style pub. The corner door leads to the bar. To the left are stairs up to a lounge and dart area and a few more stars take you to a back lounge (with door to the street.) The bar has a well looked after Bagatelle table which used by the locals. Great pub.

Have one here.

real ale :Tiger (Everards), Spitting feathers Special Ale
bitter :John Smiths
lager :Becks, carling
cider : Weston trad scrumpy, Strongbow Guiness

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Mill Hotel is a modern hotel build by the canal side. The back looks over the canal and a walkway takes you over the canal to the otherside where the hotel has a Spa club and a restuarant. The hotel also has a canal cruiser which serves as a restuarant - sailing along the canal as you eat.
More surprisingly this hotel has a bar with a large selection of real ales.
CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2103-16
Good Pub Guide 2013
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real ale :Deauchars, Cornmill (Phoenix), Westwood Best Bitter, Excaliber (Merlin),
Bateman's XXXB, Bombadier Spring campaign, Coach House mild
bitter :John Smith
lager :Fosters, Heiniken, Stella, Becks
  Grolsh, Peroni, Veltins
cider : Strongbow Guinness

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Seb Protz

Pale green

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Oddfellows Arms is a corner pub which is larger than it looks. The small bar is to the right with a larger room opposite running up the side wall. There is also a small lounge, with hatch, making up the fourth quarter. This has access to a yard. Has not quite kept the old look, nor got modernised, but worth the visit.

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real ale : was off
bitter : John Smiths, Tetley's Cream
lager :Carling, Carling, 1664, Fosters
cider : CStrongbow Guiness

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Lock Keeper is a dining pub along side the canal with music at weekends. It has plenty of outside seating on patio. Inside has a variety of seating areas and a large standing area by the bar.

Have a half here

real ale :Marstons EPA, Hobgoblin
bitter : John Smiths
lager :Tiger, Heinekin, Fosters, Carling, Amstel, 1664
cider : Strongbow Guiness

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