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The Westmorland Inn, a small gem on the road out of/into Bowness, is a very traditional pub on the ground floor. A central door to the front room with seating and tables to left and the sides. The opened up back room has the servery at the back right and fireplace seating to the left. To the right of the front door are stairs down to a landing with two couch seating areas and a TV. One of these small areas overlooks the restaurant reached by a further set of stairs. The restaurant expands underneath the landing area. Food is advertised as pub grup at good valuie with both food and value being excellent. As are the staff. As it is up the hill from the centre of Bowness many tourists miss a treat by not discovering it.

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real ale:   Westmorland Ale and Golden Host (both Jennings);  New World (Marstons)  Cumberland Ale

Bitter:      Shipyard

lager:      Erdinger;  San Miguel;  Pilsner Urquell

cider:      Kingston Press;   Dry Apple Cider        Guinness

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Most people hate the taste of beer - to begin with. It is, however, a prejudice that many people have been able to overcome

   Winston Churchill

Bowness on Windemere is a small town situated on the banks of Lake Windemere. The, better known, town of Windemere, with a station, is actually adjacent to Bowness on Windemere. While Windemere is full of hotels and bed and breakfast establishments it is Bowness which has the the night life with far more pubs and restaurants It is also Bowness that the lake cruises sail from.

As well as pub food Bowness has restaurants to suit all tastes and prices. It also has many specialist shops with the nearest to a chain store, apart from those selling outside activity gear, being a Tesco Express and Co-op.


Windermere does have good pubs and restaurants, as well, and good shops.




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Craig Manor is a large hotel and restaurant open to non-residents. The small bar is to the left of reception or straight ahead if the door in the middle of the building is open. The bar is mainly to cater for residents and diners but there is a lot of armchair and sofa seating through to the right. the hotel also has an extensive outside beer garden.

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Real ale   : Hawkhead Bitter

bitter        : Tetley's Smoothflow

Lager       : Stella, Carlsberg

Cider        : Gaymers                                            Guinness

Most people will enter Bowness on Windemere from Windemere by going down the A5074 which leads to Lake road. The first drinking establishment (apart from those in Windemere) being about 20 minutes walk from the station. This is a hotel called The Craig Manor. Continue down the left hand side (will come back up the other side)

A few minutes down Lake Road hill (and it is a hill) is The Westmorland Inn. Continuing down the hill to the bottom and you are  now into the centre of the town with The Albert at the roundabout.

Crossing the road coming from the right there is The Flying Pig and, next door, Ye Old John Peel. Once there you can walk back without crossing the road and turn right down the small road opposite The Albert.

Go down this small road and the back wall of a car park has New Hall Inn on it and there is a Robinson's sign on the wall where you can turn right on to St Martin's Parade and view the patio area for The Hole in t' Wall, which is in fact the New Hall Inn. After here, you go back to the corner, but continue straight, and there is a white wall with The White House (closed) written on it. This leads to the garden area for this pub/restaurant and beyond that on the next corner is Churchill's Wine Bar (closed). These three premises, and the corners, mentioned are practically on top of one another.

Going up the short hill from Churchill's and then going along the lane to the right, with a church on the left, there is The Stags Head Hotel. Just along from here is The Old England Hotel.

You can now walk down to the lake and along the shore line. After the cruise boat embarcation area there is a large building with The Lakeview (closed) upstairs. A little further along is The Ship Inn. From there walk along the lakeside going along the path as the road turns left. This is a pleasant walk and you reach a road at the marina. Turn left up here and The Boat House is through a carpark and overlooking the marina on the right.

leaving here walk up to the main road and turn left and walk along for a bit. After the road curves round and the lake is in sight again there is a road turning off to the right. At this corner is a sweeping driveway up to the Burnside Hotel. Past the main entrance to the hotel you will see The Pub.

Coming back down to the main road walk along on the right and as you turn up to leave the lakeside there is The Lake View Garden Bar.  Further round the corner is The Village Inn. Continuing up the hill away from the main road there is a Y-junction either side of which will take you to The Arts Bar & Grill and next door, The Royal Oak.

Leaving these places walk down the far right pavement and at the corner is The County Hut quickly followed by the Sol/Bodega Tapas bars as the road becomes pedestrianised.

Continue along the pedestrian area and turn up the hill at the roundabout. At the right on the next corner you cannot miss The Angel perched on top of a terrace garden. Continue up the hill out of town and eventually reach Beresford's restaurant with its downstairs pub (limited opening Thursday to Sunday afternoon).

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The Albert has been lovingly modernised from an old hotel - fascinating pictures going back years. Bar counter is straight ahead. To the right is seating and another room for seating/dining. To the left iscomfy armchair and tables leading to TV and then out to large outside seating area. More seating upstairs.Pub food is well above pub standard at pub prices.

The Good Pub Guide regular but not 2021

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Real ale  : (Robinson's)  Dizzy Blonde;  Dizzy Blonde (chilled), Unicorn, Trooper;  Cumbria Way

bitter          :Robinson's Smooth

Lager        : Fosters, Stella ; Heineken;  Carling;  Birra Moretti

cider          : Rosie's Pig Strawberry Cloudy Cider                                   Guinness

Ye Old John Peel is a large bar with further bar and seating/dining up a few steps. The actual counter is small and would be difficult  to stand at if the place was busy.  It is a pleasant basic pub which has seating with small tables around the side

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Real ale    :  Deuchers; Edinburgh Castle

bitter          : John Smiths

Lager        : Fosters, 1664

cider          : Strongbow                                   Guinness

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