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The local brews on sale in pubs were from Hawkshead Brewery, Coniston Brewery and of course Jennings.

Many pubs are run by Robinson's and have a large selection of their ales available.

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Bowness On Windemere, and to an even greater extend Windemere, offers a lot of accomdation and associated restuarants for travellers, In general these places do not have the through traffic to allow them to keep real ale therefore their bars tend to be disappointing beer wise.
Even the most basic pub also offers food to take advantage off day trippers as well as tourists staying longer. Unfortunately pubs have learned to get payment or take a card when ordering food.

Leaving The Angel (and on a busy day you appreciate the need for traffic lights or zebra crossings because there are none available, in Bowness) you cross again to continue down hill to The Albert at the bottom corner in Queen's Square. Crossing the road coming from the right there is Ye Old John Peel and The Flying Pig. Once there you can walk back without crossing the road and turn right down the small road opposite The Albert.
Go down this small road and the back wall of a car park has New Hall Inn on it and there is a Robinson's sign on the wall where you can turn right on to St Martin's Parade and view the patio area for The Hole in t' Wall, which is in fact the New Hall Inn. After here, you go back to the corner, but continue straight, and there is a white wall with The White House written on it. This leads to the graden area for this pub/restuarant and beyond that on the next corner is Churchill's Wine Bar. These three premises, and the corners, mentioned are practically on top of one another.
Going up the short hill from Churchill's and then going along the lane to the right, with a church on the left, there is The Stags Head Hotel. From there retrace your steps to the corner and follow the Church Road round to the right (down to the left returns you to Churchhill's). This takes you back to the main road and the need to cross it again.

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The Albert has been lovingly modernised from an old hotel - fascinating pictures going back years. Bar counter is straight ahead. To the right is seating and another room for seating/dining. To the left iscomfy armchair and tables leading to TV and then out to large outside seating area. More seating upstairs.Pub food is well above pub standard at pub prices.
The Good Pub Guide 2013
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Real ale : (Robinson's) Dizzy Blonde, Unicorn, Wizard, Trooper; Hartley's Cumbria Way
bitter : Hartley's Gold XB; Robinson's Smooth
Lager : Fosters, Stella ; Peroni; Estrella
cider : Strongbow Guinness

Drink and Music

The Champs-

Ye Old John Peel is a large bar with further bar and seating/dining up a few steps. The actual counter is small and would be difficult to stand at if the place was busy. It is a not terribly inviting basic pub (though no noise TV) which has seating with small tables around the side
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Real ale : Deuchers; Edinburgh Castle
bitter : John Smiths
Lager : Fosters, 1664
cider : Strongbow Guinness

The Flying Pig

Bad Dog American IPA
Lakeland Blonde
lager: Erdinger; Kosel; peroni; Asahi

What chemical element has the chemical symbol Sb?


The New Hall Inn or as it seems better known, The Hole in t' Wall, has a large outside patio. The entrance (mind the step) leads to the large bar with a variety of seating. There is also a lower larger seating area down a few steps by the right hand corner, with a small bar (not always open). The main bar which is a good drinking area has many 'traditional' ornamnets like jugs and chamber pots hanging from the roof to add character.
This is the oldest pub in Boness and was visited by Charles Dickens
The Good Pub Guide 2013
Featrured in Pete Brown's book The Pub
Featured in Pint To Pint The Telegraph's book of Britain's best pubs
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Real ale : (Robinson's) Double Hop, Unicorn, Wizard; Dizzy Blonde and Hartley's XB
bitter : XB Bitter
Lager : Carling, Carlsberg, Lakeland Lager; Fosters
cider : Strongbow, Old Rosie Guinness

in vino veritas

Pliny the elder

The White House, bar / restuarant was not open.

Churchill's Wine Bar redefines the term, having a large TV and pool. There is a small outside sitting area by the main door. The counter is an oval serving a bar area and a lounge. At the entrance there are some booths by the window, then a pool table then the oval servery and the bar area with large TV blaring. The other side of the oval serves a long lounge overlooking a large patio area
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Real ale : Sunset Blonde (Cross Bay)
bitter : John Smiths
Lager : 1664, Fosters; Carling
cider : Strongbow + Cloudy Apple + Dark Fruit Guinness


Isle of Man

The Stags Head takes getting use to as it is a hotel with bars. There is a little outside seating in the lane and pub can be accessed via the corner door to lounge and main bar. This has seating either side of door, Beyond this is the main counter and then some more seating by firplace. The bar and entertainment area is then to the right. Outside, the middle door is for hotel reception and from the right hand door the bar is entered. This has some tables to the right and a small servery to left. Beyond this is the entertainment are with TVs footbal, pool tables (with kids running around with cues) pinball, poker and other machine games. Walking through from here takes you to the lounge, with bigger bar. Downstairs from the reception is a evening venue called Buck's Bar offering a club atmosphere
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Real ale : Blond Witch and Stags Head Imperial Bitter (both Moorhouse) , Wainwright and Lancaster Bomber (both Thwaites) -
usually four from eight.
bitter : John Smiths
Lager : San Miguel, 1664, Fosters (+cold)
cider : Strongbow +dark fruit Guinness (+cold)

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