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The Village Inn has a large outside seating area some of which is covered with heaters. Inside this restaurant bar there are three distinct areas. The bar and seating are at the entrance with the stainless steel counter against the back wall. To the right and left of this are rooms for seating and for dining. The room to the right is the main dining area and it curves around the bar area so that diners can look out over the patio area. This makes the bar area quite dark with low ceiling and low lighting. The decor eclectic - lit gothic candles, big wooden tables, whicker chairs, buddha, flowers, large mirrors - and it all works

Have a pint or two here

Real ale    : not on

bitter          :Shipyard American Pale Ale

Lager         : Peroni; Fosters; Estrella

cider          : Kinston Press                    Guinness

The Ship Inn  has some seating outside to the road It is  attractively laid out with large square serving area with tables and seats in two big areas in front of bar and to rear of bar. Each area is sectioned by low barriers and raised areas. The far area has windows overlooking the marina and lake. Through another room to the left is access to patio seating

The Ship has another bar downstairs called The Quayside Bar (pictured below). Once downstairs  there is a slightly higher level with tall tables and stools and a lower level a few steps down where there is a small corner bar to the right and large TV on far wall. This also has access from the river side and has outside seating by the marina and lake

Have one in both parts

Real ale    : Hawkshead Gold, Jenning's Cumberland;  Theakston's Best

bitter           : John Smiths;  Hawkshead pale Ale

Lager         :  1664, Fosters,  Peroni;  Estrella

cider          :  Strongbow                           Guinness

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After The Old England Hotel you can now walk down to the lake and along the shore line. After the cruise boat embarcation area there is a large building with The Lakeview (closed) upstairs. A little further along is The Ship Inn. Downstairs is a seperate pub/sports bar called The Quayside. From there walk along the lakeside going along the path as the road turns left. This is a pleasant walk and you reach a road at the marina. Turn left up here and The Boat House is through a carpark and overlooking the marina on the right.

Leaving here walk up to the main road and turn left and walk along for a bit. After the road curves round and the lake is in sight again there is a road turning off to the right. At this corner is a sweeping driveway up to the Burnside Hotel. Past the main entrance to the hotel you will see The Pub.

Coming back down to the main road walk along on the right and as you turn up to leave the lakeside there is The Lake View Garden Bar. Further round the corner is The Village Inn. Continuing up the hill away from the main road there is a Y-junction either side of which will take you to The Arts Bar & Grill and next door, The Royal Oak.

leaving these places walk down the far right pavement and at the corner is The County Hut  quickly followed by the Sol/Bodega Tapas bars as the road becomes pedestrianised.

Continue along the pedestrian area and turn up the hill at the roundabout. At the right on the next corner you cannot miss The Angel perched on top of a terrace garden. Continue up the hill out of town and eventually reach Beresford's restaurant with its downstairs pub (limited opening Thursday to Sunday afternoon).

The Boathouse is a bar serving the marina users and those who live in the modern flats surrounding the marina. It has been a CAMRA pub of the season winner. It is the back of the pub that faces the road while the front balcony, with tables, overlooks the marina. Inside the pub the servery is in the middle of the back wall.There are bar stools along the counter and the room itself has dining height tables with chairs. Wood predominates the room - floor, tables, counter and bar sides with a couple of oars for decoration.

have a pint here

real ale:  Swallow Gold;  Wainwright Golden;  Coniston Bluebird  Bitter;  Keswick Gold

keg:         Shipyard

lager:       San MiguelPeroni;  Becks

Cider;      Thatchers                      Guinness

The Pub at the Burnside Hotel is a single room bar serving the Burnside hotel guests and open to the public. it is a walk up a hilly driveway and then past the main hotel entrance and through the car park. There is seating either side of the door and in middle of room. The servery is on the right at the rear with some bar stools.  Seating outside to catch the sun. No doubt a pleasant place for guests to have a drink before dinner or bed. Bar meals all day. Dogs welcome. There is a cinema up the stairs!

have a pint

real ale:  Swan Blonde

lager:      Fosters;  Birra Moretti

cider:      Symond's               Guinness

The Lake View Garden Bar is an open air bar. Up several steps from the road there is a large area containing dining height tables with chairs. Large umbrellas shelter customers from the sun/rain. At the far end is a small food serving area to the left and a much larger drinks serving counter. Cocktail menu available. Dogs welcome.

have a pint here.

keg:      Hawkshead pale ale;  Meantime Yakima Red ;  Bodingtons

lager:    Bud Light;  Stella;  Asahi; Peroni;  Leffe

cider:    Stella cider;  Magners Dark Fruit

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