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Books on Pubs


by Pete Brown

Shakespeare's Local - six centuries of History seen through one extraordinary pub


A Man Walks Into A Pub - an informative and amusing book on the history of beer.


The Pub - a 2016 publication looking at styles of pubs and some of his 250 favourite pubs

Golden oldies from the early days of rising concern about brewers and their actions. You think it is bad now!


You will probably have to search second hand shops or the internet for these:


Beer and Skittles by Richard Boston


Death Of The English Pub by Christopher Hutt

Not all pubs need to have real ale to be interesting.


Rough Pub Guide: A Celebration of the Great British Boozer by Paul Moody and Robin Turner

Contains 'fifty of the most unforgettable drinking experiences' .


Strangest Pubs In Britain written and published by Strangest Books


All About Pub Signs by Dorothy Nicolle


The Old Dog and Duck (The Secret Meaning of Pub Names) by Albert Jack


Inn Sign Society

Two texts that have been written documenting the history of beer and pubs are:


An Inebriated History of Britain by Peter Haydon

This charts the history of beer drinking in Britain from AD361




The Local: A History of the English Pub by Paul Jennings

The evolution of the pub since 1700


The Longest  Crawl by Ian Marchant  tells the story of his journey from the Scilly Isles to the most northern pub via many drinking establishments.


The Search for the Perfect Pub: Looking For The Moon Under Water  by Robin Turner and Paul Moody

John Lennon stated  "Love means having to say you're sorry every five minutes

Pub Heritage


Scotalnd's True Heritage Pubs   ;CAMRA


Yorkshire's Real Heritage Pubs ed by David Gamston; Pub CAMRA


Britain's Best Real Heritage Geoff Brandwood; pub CAMRA


Unusual Railway Pubs, Refreshment Rooms and Ale Trains by Bob Barton ; pub by Halsgrove


Licensed To Sell by G Brandwood, A Davidson and M Slaughter published by English Heritage. The history and heritage of the Public House.

map of Heritage pubs




Great British Pubs by Aidrian Tierney-Jones ; pub CAMRA




The Beer Lover's Guide to Cricket by Roger Protz



Pint to Pint - The Daily Telegraph's crawl around Britain's best pubs



CAMRA's Good Beer Guide, ed Roger Protz; CAMRA


The Good Pub Guide ed Alisdair Aird & Fiona Stapley

books on BEER

Craig Stevenson and John Mackay write books about Scottish pubs they have visited.  see map


The Cheap Way Round - travelling around Scottish pubs on the cheap


Still Goin' - their second book visiting pubs with 13 different travels to pubs


The Auldest Boozers in Toon is a search for the oldest pubs in over 15 towns and cities in Scotland


Goin' Round The Edge - visiting pubs along the coast of Scotland


The Beer Hunters using a metal detector as an excuse to visit pubs near the seaside



Norwich Pubs and Breweries Past and Present by Frances and Michael Holmes.

A magnificent labour of love. 232 pages of the history of breweries and pubs in Norwich. The city split into 8 divisions with maps and pictures of current and past pubs. For example, one map has over 70 pubs marked with only 3 still open in 2015

Two books on up to date pubs


20th Century Pub - from Beer House to Booze Bunker by Jessica Boak and Ray Bailey


Brewers, Brands and The Pubs in Their Hands by Tony Thornton

map of Pubs in the book