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Books on Pubs and Beer

Why not read these Pete Brown books. They are part travelogue, but  never lose track of the beer, and are amusing.


Three Sheets To The Wind by Pete Brown


Hops And Glory  by Pete Brown


Five relatively recent and very entertaining books that lay out the long and interesting story of beer are:


A Man Walks Into A Pub by Pete Brown

A pub crawl through the amazing story of beer from ancient Egyptian bouza to your last pint. Highly readable and amusing.


Beer: Story Of The Pint by Martyn Cornell (2003) pub Headline.

An entertaining journey through the history of beer. It promises to tear down the myths and tell the real story of the pint


Amber, Gold and Black by Martyn Cornell - The history of Britain's greatest beers


Britain's Beer Revolution by Roger Protz & Aidrian Tierney-Jones ; CAMRA (2014)

Charting the trecent  transformation of Britain's brewing industry.


Brew Britannia:The Strange Rebirth of British Beer by Jessica Boak and Ray Bailey (2014) Beer in Britain from the 1950s

Pulling A Fast One by Roger Protz (1978) -


What the brewers have done to your beer. A Golden oldy from the early days of rising concern about brewers and their actions. You think it is bad now!

Gone For A Burton- Memoirs from a Great British Heritage by Bob Ricketts. pub Pen Press (2005).


An insiders story of the brewing industry in the 20th Century. The authu

or ended up as Managing Director of Bass Brewing

Two texts that have been written documenting the history of beer and pubs are:


An Inebriated History of Britain by Peter Haydon

This charts the history of beer drinking in Britain from AD361. Rich with detail and anecdotes it is a fascinating read.



The Local: A History of the English Pub by Paul Jennings

The evolution of the pub since 1700 set in the wider context of social change



Beer Naturally by Michael Hardman and Theo Berstrom; pub Bergstrom+Boyle Books & CAMRA (1976)

A photographic record of a brewery


Britain's Lost Breweries and Beers by Chris Arnot; pub Aurum

Thirty famous homes of beer that have brewed their last pint.


The Story of Brewing in Burton on Trent by Roger Protz; pub The History Press


Miracle Brew by Pete Brown (2017) Hops, barley, Water and Yeast and the nature of Beer

Let Me Tell You About Beer: A beginner's guide to all things brewed by Melissa Cole.


She also has a blog girlsguidetobeer

John Lennon stated  "Love means having to say you're sorry every five minutes

The Oxford Companion to Beer ed by Garrett Oliver; Oxford University Press


An 868 page A to Z reference work on beer edited by Garrett Oliver the Brewmaster of the Brooklyn Brewery

The Brewmaster's Table by Garrett Oliver; pub ECCO (Harper Collins)

Garrett is the Brewmaster of the Brooklyn Brewery and in this book he revelas why real beer is the perfect partner to any dining experience.

books on PUBS



1001 Beers You Must try Before You Die  ed Adrian Tierney-Jones; pub Cassell

The title says it all. There are 800 pictures of the beers.


The Ultimate Book of Beers by Mark Kelly & Stuart Derrick; pub Parragon.

Over 400 ales, lagers, stouts and craft beers from around the world. Lavishly illustrated it comes with a separate hard backed book for recording your own tasting notes. The A4 size recording book is a bit large to have sitting at a bar with you.