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Birnam and Dunkeld

Birnam and Dunkeld are located just off of the A9 15 miles North of Perth. They are actually two villages either side of the River Tay  connected by Dunkeld bridge.

Dunkeld seems to be the better known and it has the shops and cathedral, while Birnam has the station and Arts centre, and Birnam Wood is name-checked by Shakespeare.

They are an excellent centre for golf, walking and music.


All of the pubs are on, or easily found from, the main road running through Birnam and then over the bridge to Dunkeld.

Coming in through Birnam you see the Birnam hotel with what was the Tap Inn (now the Birnam Inn). The road opposite this going up to the station, has the Merryburn Hotel.

Crossing over the bridge you cannot miss the Athol Arms hotel. Down to the right is the Taybank. Further on the main road the Perth Arms Hotel is on a street to the left and the Royal Dunkeld Hotel further on up the main road.

The Merryburn Hotel is very close to the station.  There is the popular Cellar bar to the side, and an excellent lounge diner at the front where the food is excellent. As well as seats outside the main door there is  a walled garden for warmer weather. Very friendly staff serve you.


Stop here for a beer.


real ale: none

lager: Tennents, Stella                            heavy: Bellhaven Best

Cider: Blackthorn                                      Guinness

Perth Arms Hotel has a large, uncomplicated and friendly bar. There is a small dining lounge. The bar has pool, darts etc and caters for the local population. There is an outside secluded drinking  area through from the  left hand side of the servery.

Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) 2021

real ale:     Due South and Eighty Bob (Strathbraan)

lager:         Carlsberg                          

heavy:       Bellhaven Best

Cider:        Somersby                              Guinness

The Birnam Inn is the bar of the Birnam Hotel. There is a large grass area outside the Inn along side the car park. This has some picnic style tables on it while there are a few tables on the concrete outside the entrance.

Inside the building to the left in a restaurant with Italian style food while to the right is a small room with half a dozen tables, a few bar stools and a large TV dominating the room usually showing a music channel of past hits which seems to keep the place quiet.


real ale:     Head East (Strathbraan)

heavy:       Bellhaven Best

lager:        Tennent's;    Heverlee

cider:         Magners                Guinness

The Taybank  has a bar area which it could probably fill several times over because of its good beer, food and traditional style music every night. It has an outside patio area and a beer garden across the road on the bank of the Tay.

Good Pub Guide 2013

Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) regular but not 2021

Have several pints; stay all evening

Real ales:    Landlord

lager:           Tetha;  West 4; Black Isle Organic; St Mungo;  


heavy:          Bellhaven Best

cider:            Aspall                  Guinness

The Royal Dunkeld Hotel has a large, though dated, and comfortable lounge with a beer garden to rear. Friendly staff and pleasant to drink in. There is a large enclosed outside drinking area with sheltered seating along one side

Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) regular including 2021

Have a pint or two

real ale:   Due South and Head East (both Strathbraan);  Trade Winds

heavy:      John Smith

lager:        Fosters;  Heiniken     Tennent's                

Cider:        Strongbow and Dark Fruit                                        Guinness

The Athol Arms Hotel is one of several large hotels in Dunkeld. It used to have an old bar but this is now modernised and called The Meeting Room. It is now a pleasant small bar with a restaurant to the rear. The bar is long and thin with the servery starting half way along the right hand wall. There are a couple of tables to the right of the door and a further three opposite the servery.  Stairs to the side of the servery lead into the main hotel. Out the front door and across the road is a large terraced garden with an outside bar open at the weekend

Good Pub Guide

have a pint

real ale:    Due South (Strathbraan)

lager:        Tennents                        

heavy:       Bellhaven Best

Cider:        Blackthorn                              Guinness

Always remember, that I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.

        Winston Churchill

Beer in Scotland used to be invoiced to publicans at 60, 70 or 80 shillings (/-) a barrel. Since duty increases as strength increases 60/- is the weakest and 80/- the strongest.

60/-, the weakest beer, is also the darkest beer and is known as light!

70/- is the most common and is called heavy.


Because it distracted men from practising archery


Since 1066 which two English kings have been the only monarchs of that name?


Drink and Music


Mary Chapin Carpenter

Down At The Twist and Shout



now an excellent Bed & Breakfast