Berwick-on-Tweed 2nd

Continue to visit pubs in Berwick by returning to the main street and walking up to wards the gate through the old wall around the town. Going along to the left before you reach the wall there is a road with the Leaping Salmon. Returning to the main street and just before the wall is the Brewers Arms.
Outside of the gate and all on the left come The Red Lion, The Free Trade, The White Horse and finally The Castle beside the railway station. Cross the street and go down the road opposite The Castle to find The Pilot Inn

In towns like Berwick, where there is a large local population, a desire to attract tourists and a need to be a centre for the surrounding area, many of the pubs have to try an attract a variety of drinkers. Thus you may find pleasant lounges with a pool table and darts at the other end. Locals may not be as tolerant of the sensibilities of visitors as landlords would like. The pubs have to be as many things to as many people as possible. Discos and/or Karaoke at the weekend bring in more cash in the evenings than tourists out for a quiet drink. The winter months require pool and darts leagues to bring in bodies mid-week. This makes some pubs a jumble of ideas and pool tables squeezed into the smallest places.

A lot serve lunches but fewer offer evening meals.

Still within the walls...

"I went on a diet, swore off drinking and heavy eating, and in fourteen days I had lost exactly two weeks.
  Joe E. Lewis

The Leaping Salmon is a Wetherspoon pub so you know what you get. Or you think you do - only 1 real ale was on as they were saving them for the next week's beer festival. When it arrived there was plenty. Very narrow at bar expecially when busy and the Wkds are going down. Always seems busy
Good Pub Guide 2013

Have a pint.

What musical was based at Rydell High?

The Brewers Arms had the hand pump but was not walking the talk. It would be on tomorrow, but this never happened.
It has a long loung offering food.

Stop for a half pint.

Now outside the walls...

The Red Lion is the first pub outside the gates. A bit barn like, it has interesting music decoration. Friendly staff

Have a pint

The Free Trade is a two roomed pub. The door in the corridor immediately to the right of the entrance leads to what was a corridor which used to access the off sales set in centre of pub - not is use any more. A door from here takes you to the smaller front bar. which shows you the full extent and unusualness of the wooden partioned corridor and bar are from circa 1910 refit. The bar counter is front and left of door while the area towards the window has some small tables.
Outside has been spruced up recently and real ale was back on.
The entrance corridor also leads to a back room with pool table and seating around the wall
Age alone, said to date from 1767, demands respect and a pint.
Present in 'Britain's Best Real Heritage Pubs'
Real ale : Tyneside Blonde
Bitter: Bellhaven Best; John Smith
Lager: 1664; Carlsberg
cider: Strongbow Guinness

Drink and Music

Kiss -
Cold Gin

The White Horse (not to be confused with the White Horse, Berwick, Pa USA) seemed the quietest of pubs in Berwick. Some outside seating through rear.

Stop for a half pint.

The Castle, a hotel near the station, has a lovely comfortabe lounge, pleasant locals and real ale. It has a restuarant attached.

Couple of pints

Real ale: Castle and Theakstons
bitter: MeEwans 80, Bellhaven Best, John Smiths
lager: tennanats Guiness

The Pilot Inn has a pleasant bar and swerving counter to the right. A back room served via a hatch is further on. Opposite the door to the bar is a lounge which looks like two rooms joined. this has a lot of seating and a large TV.Beerr garden to rear.
Outside looks much the same as 1916 picture by bar door
Have a pint here
Good Beer Guide 2016
realale :Toon Brron (Fredrick); Deuchers; Wild Mule (rooster)
bitter: :John Smith; Bellhaven Best
lager : Estrella; Carling
cider : Strongbow Guinness

Follwoing the road across the most modern bridge eventually brings the Angel and The Queens Head. Going further on a distance there is another pub but think of your legs. Walking down hill to the river and heading towards the old bridge brings The Harrow.
Crossing the old bridge returns you to the Barrels Ale House.

Across the river.

The Angel is a very small with bar to right and lounge to the left. The lounge is full of pool table while darts are in the bar. It has some local real ales. Perhaps showing its age.

Have a pint here

The Harrow, and it is difficult not just to add 'ing'. It had a real ale pump but it was definately not on and I had a cheek asking.

A half pint because you must.

A REAL ALE crawl could start at the Castle Hotel beside the station follwed by a walk down into the town (look in on the Free Trade, just in case it has beer on). Through Marygate is the Brewers Arms, where you might be lucky, other wise turn right and visit the Leaping Salmon. Return to Marygate and continue down the road and past the town hall. Then turn right into Hide Hill where the Brown Bear should be visible on the left. Opposite it is Foxtons and down at the bottom of the hill is the Queens Head. The street you crossed to get from Foxtons to the Queens Head is Bridge Street. Travel along it to the Barrels Ale House..


P G Wodehouse

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