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Bamburgh is a beautiful village on the Northumberland coast off of the A1 with four pubs. Village green, castle and miles of beaches this is a beautiful place for all ages.


All of these pubs are actually Hotels offering food and accommodation and all are found on Front Street.


All four are on the same road running through the centre of the village off of  the main coast road. Three are in the village centre and The MIzen Head is further on as the village ends.


A visit to the beach is a must and the two best ways are; firstly by walking across the village green in front of Bamburgh Castle and down a path at the side of the Castle or secondly  you can walk or drive along the lane opposite the Lord Crewe to two car parks. You will return to visit the beach, the Bamburgh Castle, on the other hand, is a visit once place despite being such a magnificent and imposing looking building.

The Mizen Head is the first Hotel as you approach Bamburgh from the A1 down the B1341. The other hotels are further down this road. Approaching from Seahouses be careful to turn onto the road, Front Street, which has pubs and shops on it just after Bamburgh Castle rather than go straight on.

Over the years all of the hotels have undergone changes to maximise their earning potential and in becoming fancier have lost some charm for me.


The Mizen Head (NOW CLOSED)  has been extended and modernised in recent years which has changed the hotel from the comfortable local it was. The extension offers more space for the good food but is less friendly around the bar.

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The Victoria Hotel has large lounge area where beer and food are  good. Sports bar to rear.

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The Castle Hotel still has a touch of a busy local in the evening. There is a large garden at rear. Food is usually good.


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The Bamburgh Castle Hotel is in Seahouses 5 miles away

The Lord Crewe Hotel views itself as a luxury hotel rather than a local but the lounge has always been welcoming,

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The bar of The Lord Crewe is now The Wynding (below)

A REAL ALE crawl visits all of them and is probably best finished at the Castle Hotel

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                               The Mizen Head



Mizen Head is the most south-westerly point of Ireland and is located at the western end of a peninsula in the district of Carbery.

Not to be mistaken for mizzen, a mast on sailing ships such as ketchs or yawls.


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Bamburgh was one  of The Times' top 30 best places by the sea to live   in Britain 2013



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