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Driving in from Buxton on the A6 makes it easy to find most pubs. Start at The Manners and onto the Rutland Arms Hotel. Then across to The Red Lion and down the left hand fork to The Castle Inn. Cross from this and  go in the back door of The Wheatsheaf. Then leave by the front door and visit The Queens Arms diagonally opposite. Then finish up with The Peacock almost next door.


A beautiful market town in the Peak District, Bakewell is situated on the river Wye and is found on the A6 between Buxton and Matlock.

Bakewell is a lovely picturesque town which can be used to visit the many attractions of the Peak District. The town is kept prosperous by the many day trippers and coach parties. Therefore it has lots of specialist shops, cafes, restaurants and good pubs.  

My favourite pub in Bakewell. The Peacock serves Peak Ales real ales, good food with a pleasant outside area close to the main car park or market depending on the day. Large (forty tables with umbrellas) seating outside to right of pub.

Very much a local as well as welcoming guests. Excellent food and drink with some accommodation

You could stay all day.

real ale:      Best Bitter;  Chartsworth Gold;  Swift Nick

                 (all Peak Ales);  Lord marples

lager:          Birra Moretti;  Heiniken;  Peroni

cider           Aspall           Guinness

The Wheatsheacan be entered from either side as it is part of an islande spliting the road. It has two large areas for sitting, drinking and entertainment with all tables set with conduments  for food. The main entrance has a square servery serving on three sides. The left hand side leads to the large back 'Pudding' dining and function room. Unfortunately the outside seating is by the pavement and a road. Real ales served. Marstons

Have a pint in here.

real ale:       61 deep;  Pedigree; Pinhead ; Hobgoblin (both Wychwood)

bitter:          Shipyard

lager:          Amstel;  Estrella;  Peroni

cider:          Thatcher's Gold                    Guinness

The bars are below street level and at first the darkness is what you notice as you go down steps to The Red Lion, then a lovely little pub opens up. Large bar to right and smaller one to the left, where there is also seating, and dining up some stairs. Beer garden (pictured)  is attractive. Punch Taverns.

Accomodation and food.

Have lots of beer in here.

real ale:      Chatsworth Gold ;  Best Bitter (both Peak Ales)

bitter:         John Smith

lager:          Coors; Carling;  Stella

cider           Stowford Press               Guinness

Manners Hotel has a bar full of locals. There is a small square room with some tables just to the right after entering. This is served by the side of the main servery.  Continuing on immediately brings you to the main servery on the right and a large split level dining/seating area to the left. The cheapest beer in town. It serves Robinson's beers. Through the back and out is a comfy and sheltered outside sitting area then beyond the large car park is a garden and play area. Staff are very friendly

Have a pint in here.

real ale:      Magnum IPA;  Dizzy Blonde;  Trooper;  Unicorn;  Wizard (all Robinson's)

bitter:          Robinson's Smooth;  Beardo;   Lucky Jack

lager:          Veltins Pilsner;  


The Queens Arms  is very tastefully and comfortably modern inside but still is attractive. Servery is in the middle of three open plan rooms. The left room has armchairs at small tables. Opposite servery is some banquette seating and tables. Smaller room to right also has entrance to pool room and beer garden. However, this is the place to be on a weekend night - full of the beautiful people. Marstons

have a pint

real ale:         Via Ferrata (Jennings);  Pedigree;  Oxford Gold (Brakspear); Forty Niner (Ringwood)

lager:             Carling;  Amstel;  Peroni

cider              Stowford Press       Guinness

The Castle Inn (Greene King) does an excellent attempt at being local at the bar and very good food in the dining area. Servery and some seating by window to right. To the left is dining style seating with more downs a few  steps. This also leads to outsie seating to the left hand side of the pub building. Old English Inns (Greene Kings)

Good Pub Guide - past but not 2021

Worth having a pint or two. 

Real ale:     Greene King IPA, Castle Ale; Black Sheep;  Moonshine

Bitter:         Bidingtons

Lager:        Stella

The Rutland Arms Hotel is an old fashioned hotel. Meals and afternoon tea for a treat and lots of relaxing seating. However service for the drinker at the bar is not a priority. Jaipur real ale (Thornbridge) was offered


Have a half pint.

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There is nothing wrong with sobriety in moderation.

    John Ciardi (1966)





There are a couple of tittles in the alphabet. What are they ?


What's in a name?

                               The Red Lion

In the late 14th Century John of Gaunt, the uncle of Richard the second, was the most powerful man in the country. A law had recently been passed stating that all alehouses had to have a sign. Therefore the Red Lion, found on John of Gaunt's coat of arms, became a popular sign.

More Red Lions appeared when James VI of Scotland became King of England.

Inn keepers always want to keep in with the authorities.


see 'All About Pub Signs'

Inn Sign Society



George 111 (1760-1820)

Drink and Music

Vince Neil- Tattoos and Tequila

Bakewell was one  of The Times' top 30 best towns in Britain 2013

Joiner's Arms

A new micro-pub opened up on same round-about as Rutland arms Hotel.


in Good Beer Guide 2021