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The Ship Tavern has a small but attractive bar area at front with much more seating in room beyond this. It is a busy local with a varnished wood and, unsurprisingly, nautical theme. Busy Saturday afternoon but quieter at night.

Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA) & 2016

Couple of pints here.


Real Ale: Mashie Niblick and Gowfers' Gold (Angus Ales)

Heavy    : Calder 80/-, Tetley

Lager     : San Miguel, Carlsberg, Tuborg

Cide      r: Blackthorn                                  Guinness

The Masonic Arms bright attractive cosy bar. Bar area to left and a seating room to the right. Carpeted rather than tiled. Even on quiet winter's evening customers are animated and lots of conversation. Serving area busy with bottles. Brasses and varnished wood all gleaming and with roaring fire. Outside still being decorated. and the view through window makes it look inviting.


No real ale but stop for a pint.


Heavy: McEwans80/-, Tartan, Bellhaven Best

Lager: Tennents, Stella

Cider:  Strongbow                   Guinness

The Salutation Bar  has bar area at front and pool room to rear. The bar is all varnished wood and the stools are from slimline customers only. Seating around the bar but with a large standing area dominated by games machines. Connected to a restaurant. Very quiet Saturday afternoon and night.

Only a half pint here

No real ale.

Heavy: McEwans Export, McEwans 80/-, John Smiths

Lager: Tennents, Bud, Fosters, 1664

Cider:  Strongbow                   Guinness and Ice Cold

The internet suggested that The Boat Tavern was on this road. However, this has just recently been replaced by Barco. No longer the old pub of memory but sparkling new with stark white walls. Modern mix of seating comprising tall, medium and low tables with a mix of seats and comfy chairs around a small but well designed serving area all of which was busy. This is where smart Anstruther was on Saturday night. Food available.

Have a pint here.

Real Ale: Birdie 3

lager: San Miguel, Carlsberg

Heavy: Calders 80/-,

Cider: Blackthorn                                     Guinness

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Have a drink, I'll look better.

The Haven bar and restaurant  was upstairs and opened into a bar area with seating attached. The front seating was set for eating which does not leave a lot of room for drinking. This should occur at back of room closer to the counter.  The furniture and beams were black, making a change from boat varnish. There is a large attractive garden area that  is much used in summer. Food available


have a pint here.

Real Ale: Mashie Niblick (Angus Ales)

Heavy: Bellhaven Best and Bellhaven

Lager: Tennents, Stella

Cider: Strongbow                                  Guinness

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Then there are three bars on the harbour:

The most common brewer of real ales available in Anstruther are from Angus Ales of Carnoustie which only started brewing in October 2009. All of the names have a golfing connection -Birdie 3, Driver Dark, Gowfers’ Gold and Mashie Niblick

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White Wine in the Sun

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The Boathouse

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