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The Craw's Nest hotel (NOW CLOSED) is the large classy hotel in the town but do not let that put you off visiting. There is a large long lounge to the right  with a restaurant leading off of it. No bar stools in the lounge which needs lots of people to make it busy To the left of reception is the Cocktail bar with tables, stools and TV. No real ale but certainly worth a pint.


lager: Carlsberg

heavy: Independence, Craw's Nest Best, Calders

Cider: Blackthorn                                     Guinness

The Dreel Tavern is an old (16th Century?) building. The bar is to the right with a eating area just beyond this. The wall between these has a real fire heating both areas. There is a conservatory and garden, and to the left of the bar is the necessary pool table. Food was excellent and very good value. Live musicians at weekends.

Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA) not 2016


Yes, have a couple of pints here.

Real ale:Gem, Santa's Swallie

Heavy: John Smiths,

Lager: 1664, Fosters

Cider: Symonds            Guinness and Ice Cold

The Smuggler's Inn has a comfy lounge which is actually through the door marked Bar. Music, horseracing and rugby all on at the same time, though eventually two went off. Forgiven for the free sausage and black pudding rolls. Karaoke at night pulled in some punters.

Definitely worth a pint.


Real ale:Ossian (though three pumps)

Heavy: McEwan's 80/-, Caffrey's John Smiths

Lager: Amstel, Heineken, Carling

Cider: Strongbow            Guinness

The Royal Hotel  was a disappointment. It had the varnished wood but not the atmosphere. As empty as some other pubs (one woman, four men and a dog) but not the happy chatter only silence. Church hall chairs, all very functional and unattractive. Dining area down stairs from bar.


A half pint because it is there. 


Lager: Tennents and Ice Cold

Heavy: yes

Cider: Strongbow

A REAL ALE crawl visits The Dreel Tavern, then round onto The Smugglers Inn and up from that to The Bank Bar and Kitchen, You then have to walk the length of the harbour to The Ship. Follow the main road around and walk on a little to Barco and then further on The Haven.

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There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern or inn.


Dr Johnson



You've got a way


Why do churches in Malta have two clocks, each showing different times?



Anstruther is small fishing town in the East Neuk of Fife. The east Neuk of Fife has many picturesque fishing villages full of craft shops to visit. St Andrews, home of golf, is close by. There are many National Trust and Historic Scotland attractions to visit.

Anstruther is famous for its fish and chips and for its Scottish Fisheries Museum.

A winter  weekend away coincided with snow and the visiting of several pubs with cosy fires and others not so warm. Winter in a summer tourist village leaves all of the pubs searching for customers with mixed success.

It was not unexpected to find nautical connections in name and decoration of pubs and there is a fair amount of varnished wood in the pubs.

Excellent for a winter weekend or a week in summer.


Drink and Music


Lager and Ale by Kim Mitchell

Anstruther was one  of The Times' top 30 best villages in Britain 2013

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