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Churchill Inn is a large unpretentious pub with a dining area to the rear. Once inside the servery, which curves round at each end, stretches down to the left against the far wall. Opposite the servery downs the window side are a couple of tall tables and a small one. In the corner is a raised area for performance or soft seating. Down the left wall is banquette seating and tables. This leads to gaming machines and an outside smoking area. There is plenty of standing area around the counter.  To the right of the entrance are tables and seating along the side and the passage leads onto pool area and then around to a dining room.

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Real Ale  :  Cumberland (Jennings);  Wainwright Golden

                    Beer;  Keswick Bitter (Keswick)

Bitter : Thwaites Smooth;  Shipyard

Lager : Fosters;  Carlsberg Export; Peroni; Carling

Cider : Stowford Press;  Strongbow Cloudy Apple; Strongbow dark fruit    Guinness

The Queen’s Hotel is an old hotel in centre of town. The front now is labelled The Ambleside Inn. Offering food deals and lots of seating. Through main door and passed reception is the door through to the bar and restaurant. Servery and seating are to the left while going straight on takes you outside seating and tables. Bar seating and eating is between the servery and the bay window at front of hotel overlooking main street. Restaurant is beyond the bar counter. Outside seating is small unattractive area with entrance to downstairs evening venue Cellar Bar.  

Real Ale  :  Jennings Bitter;  Wainwright Golden ale;  Winderemere Pale Ale (Hawkshead); Bluebird Bitter (Coniston);  

                     Loweswater Gold;  Black Dog Freddy (Beckstones)

Bitter :  Cumberland Cream;  Shipyard

Lager :  Estrella; Peroni;  Fosters; Stella

Cider : Old Rosie (real) ;  Strongbow;  Kingston Press

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Ambleside is a small town situated on the banks of Lake Windemere. It is also a centre for tourism in The Lake District. Ambleside is not as busy with tourists as Bowness on Windermere, however, it is a centre for hill walking and outdoor pursuits and about a third of the shops are dedicated to selling materials to help with this.




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The Ambleside Tavern is a traditional bar. There is a bay window to the left of the door which has some small outside seating either side of it by the pavement. Inside the bar is long and thin. The servery is in the middle of the left-hand side wall with a sizeable area of seating to either side of it. There is a little bit of seating along the right-hand wall which leaving a fair bit of standing round around the counter. At the end of the bar there is some seating and a pool table up a few steps.

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Real Ale  :  Cumberland;  Nutty Black;  Lancaster Bomber;  Hobgoblin;  Wainwright Golden Ale

Lager      :  San Miguel;  Peroni;  Carling

Cider  :    Kingston press Guinness

Walkling down the hill from The Golden Rule turn left at the bottom to walk back into town. Once at the lights cross over and go down the right hand side to The Ambleside Tavern.

From here continue down hill and cross over turn first left to go up The Slack, a hill, at the top of which, to the left, is The Queen's (opposite The White Lion). Continuing on, walk down hill on the right again, and just passed The White Lion and the drop of point, is The Royal Oak. Keep moving down towards the lake and quickly find Churchill Inn. From here continue down-hill and cross over before the junction to see the large windows of The Lily.

After this it is either walk down to the lakeside or back to the White Lion for the bus.

When you reach the lake walk past Waterhead and just beyond it on the lakeside is The Wateredge Inn and opposite it The Regent Hotel.

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The Royal Oak has a small pleasant outside seating area with three tall tables and stools. Inside there is a room to the right, the main servery area to the left and a further room beyond this. the pub has been here since 1600s and has low ceilings and beams as expected. The middle room has the bar counter on the long wall and opposite it by the window are four 4 tables with chairs on wooden floor.  The room through has a final curve of the counter for service. It has a TV and a surprising amount of uncluttered seating for a small room. The right hand room is long and this with tables and chairs  down both sides of the carpeted room. There is a fireplace at the far end and a TV in the corner.  A John Barras pub.

The whole pub is decorated with old pictures and large pieces of sport equipment – skis, fishing rods, oars etc.

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Real Ale    : Abott; Green King IPA; Old man Ale (Conniston) ; Royal oak bitter (Greene King);  Single Track;

                   Monumental; Radical; Stanley;  (all Kirkby Lonsdale)

Bitter         : Punk; East Coast IPA;  

Lager        : Blue Moon; Coors; Stella;  Amstel;

Cider        : Strongbow; Strongbow Dark fruit

The Lily is a modern bar/restaurant. It has large shop front windows so is very light inside. There are doors either side of the large windows. the centre room has a stone floor and hosts the servery with some round tables opposite it and a larger table by the window. The rooms on either side (very small one to the right) have wooden flooring and a mixture of tables and chairs. It serves cocktails and hosts music nights

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Real Ale  :  Loweswater Gold; Bloody Crown (Cumbrian legendary Ales);  Top Knot;  Eden Fuggle

Lager :  Barngates Vienna lager; Asali;  Kosel;  Peroni;

Cider :  Aspall Guinness

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All pubs claim to welcome well behaved dogs with owner on lead. The Royal Oak, The White Lion, The Unicorn and Queen's Hotel also offer evening meals and dog can stay with you.

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The Wateredge Inn is a large bar/restaurant with extensive (about 30 tables) outside seating, on grass beside the lake and gravel closer to the building. Finding the bar is easier by turning left at the building to enter the beer garden and finding the entrance to the bar off the patio on the right. An attractive pub in outstanding setting.

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Real Ale:  Bombardier;  Pedigree;  Keswick Gold (Keswick);  Hobgoblin; Hobgoblin Gold;  61 Deep PA

Bitter :  Cumberland cream;  Shipyard

Lager : Stella 4;  Estrella;  San Miguel

Cider : Kingston press Guinness



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The Regent Hotel is just across the road from The Wateredge Inn