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Lots of water features in The Alnwick Garden

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The George Inn is smaller than it looks from outside. Small comfy area at front leads to a friendly bar with pool at rear.
Grab a half pint.
Real ale: Atlantic (Sharpe’s)
Lager: Fosters; Carling
Cider: Carling Cider Guinness

The Black Swan (formerly The Hairy Lemon) is a large long pub. Lots of seating, either side of the door, with rectangular dining sized tables around the perimiter and banquette seating. The room then it narrows to stairs leading up to the bar. At the counter are bar stools and a little width of standing space before the wall. From the end of the bar you look over a flight of stairs and down into a room below. The back wall has a giant screen for sport. Beyond the bar there are stairs going down to a landing with sofa and small tables and then further down to a variety of seating and tables, and finally on the back wall under the screen an outside bit for a breath of air. Smartly done up it has good food all day. This lower area has subdued lighting and fairy lights to add to its atmosphere.
Have a pint here
Real ale: Paegan lady; Fireglow (both Firecracker Brewery)
Bitter: Caffrey’s
Lager: Fosters; Carling; Prevha; Birra Moretti
Cider: Strongbow Cloudy Apple; Carliing Cider Guinness

The Dirty Bottles (formerly Ye Olde Cross) It is said that if anyone touches the bottles in the window they will drop dead as happened to the Victorian landlord when he put them there.
Once inside, the main room and one to the left, are two dining areas. The right with walls stripped back or white tiles and heavy wooden tables on tiled floor to give a rustic appeal to this smokehouse and fancyburger area. The left has stripped back walls and booths with i-pads for ordering and pull your own beer pumps. Between the two rooms are steps down to the main serving counter on the right with bar stools and some standing in a wide corridor. The room then opens out towards the back with another room off to the left. Again the walls are stripped back and cleaned to an older age and the bar counter has been replace by a large piece of old wood. At the end are doors to an outside area and stairs to a terrace. Despite the stripped backed walls the lighting and outside doors makes the room quite bright.
Returning up the stairs to the main dining area there is on the wall a five pump self service beer dispenser. Some of the tables also have a two pump self service beer attached to them. You charge a card at the bar or with waitress and enter it into a slot below the beer sign and you can pour away.
Have a beer here
Real ale: Alnwick Amber Ale
Bitter: Newcastle Brown; Caffrey’s
Lager: Staroperaman; Carling
Cider: Rekorderlig ; Stowford Press Guinness
Self service -Blue Moon; Dirty Bottles own pale Ale; Punk IPA; Brookland lager; Deperately desperados

Oddfellows Inn is for sale

Who was described as the wisest fool in Christendom?




The Market Tavern stakehouse and lodge follows the common design in Alnwick with wide seating area at front then onto bar and narrower area. Here it also widens again and expands into a dining area which is up a short flight of stairs. Front area has traditional pub seating around the sides and served by smaller end of bar counter while rear area has a greater variety of seating and tables.and is served by the lengthier part of the servery. This also has bar stools and some standing room. A short screen separates the two parts.
Have a pint.
Real Ale: Bombadier ; Greene King IPA
Bitter: Mosaic (Adnams)
Lager: Stella; San Miguel; Carling
Cider: Stowford Press Guinness

The Queens Head again has the wide front area with a serving counter at the right hand side. Moving to the back it narrows with the rest of the serving area to you right, and then widens again. Bright and clean, it has sections which is a change from the open plan pubs around it. The real ale is served from the back bar - why is it hidden there? Live musicsome weekends. Good food stops at 7pm.
Good for a few pints.
Real Ale: off
Bitter: John Smith;
Lager: Fosters; Carling; Birra Moretti
Cider: Woodpecker; Strongbow Guinness

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